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Sunday, March 7, 2021


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Investigates say that 20-year-old xavier pully and 21-year-old janet preston arrested wednesday.

Officials tell us they are accused of killing steven glover, he was shot and killed on st.

Helena island.

Two men arrested in connection to murder on orangeburg county.

They are both facing murder charges.

That's in connection to incident that happened on the ninth of this month.

Investigators say the victim was found near car just north of holly hill.

>> what i'm asking for is georgia have a bipartisan group to verify signature on a mail ballot, not leave it up to single individual.

>> wednesday, the first day for the absentee ballot for january 5th runoff were sent out.

Ad spending topped $120 million in the race.

If both democratic candidates win their respective races that party will have control of the u.s. senate.

>> leah: we told you about georgia secretary of state claiming he heard senator graham ask if ballots could be thrown out.

Now staffer for georgia secretary of state says he was on the phone call.

Here is what he recalls.

>> i think there was a question of is there power in the law.

If you see abnormality of very high acceptance rate of what ought to be, first inspection of the ballots -- of those signatures, that was a question that was asked.

So that did probably raise the hairs on the back of the secretaries neck and i understand that.

Senator probably trying to figure out what do i do to help defend the president who i support.

>> jon: three attorneys filed ethics complaints against senator graham to pressure to toss out legally past ballots and comments from georgia secretary of state who said that graham asked him whether he had the power to reject certain absentee ballots.

Meantime graham says he thinks joe bidn should have access to classified intelligence briefings.

>>> house democrats nominated nancy pelosi for house speaker& but facing unique challenges this time around.

Fox news congressional correspondent chad perg ram has more.

>> despite losing control democrats repsychel the top leaders.

Pelosi sticking to promise two years ago to only serve as speaker through early 2023.

>> i will abide by those limits that are there.

>> reporter: pelosi cracked the door to staying on as speaker.

>> i don't want to undermine leverage i may have.

>> no one challenged her for the top job but democrats grossing privately for the need for new younger blood.

>> the speaker was elected with unbridled enthusiasm.

>> she needs the entire house when formally selects speaker in january.

The number of democratic seats could be in the low 2020's and money that pelosi would have little margin for error.

>> if ten democrats vote again against nancy pelosi she will not be speaker.

>> reporter: she can't lose as many votes this time including conservative oregon democratic curt charade and her voted two years ago for ohio democratic marsha fudge.

Schrader is noncommittal.

>> month and a half, two months, that's a long time of politics.

We will see what happens between now and then.

You respond accordingly and vote or act differently.

>> pelosi won't have president trump as foil this time.

However, she does have president elect joe biden.

>> it is opportunity to work together with the president, especially when he is a unifier like joe biden.

>> pelosi knows it probably just takes a call from the president elect to shore up any wavering democrats to shore up the speaker.

Fox news.

>> jon: also on capitol hill controversy over a facebook tool that may allow big tech companies to track the users.

Hawley confronted mark zuckerberg complaint that it tracks people across the internet with program called centre.

Facebook confirms to fox business senttra exists but adds that it is only used to, quote, aid complex investigations into inauthentic behavior and here is mark zuckerberg on wednesday.

>> what is facebook internal tool called senttra.

>> senator, i'm not aware of any tool with that name.

>> jon: senato hawley referenced another tool communication for people to sensor.

>> leah: we looked at new south carolina voter turnout data from the election.

The state's election commission says 72% of registered voters turned out.

That is the highest turnout since the 2008 election and second highest 25 years.

53% of voters were absentee voting which is a record high as well.

>>> dreams really can come true.

Last night they did for aaron nesmith.

He was surrounded when his name was called fourteenth in the nba draft.

He will be heading to boston to join the celtics and says ready to work.

>> just everyday coming in trying to earn myself from the second i walk in through the door and just instill the hard work that i have always had on my life and continue moving forward.

Every kid dreams of moment from eight years old and finally able to sit here with my family and friends and those most importnt to me and definitely a surreal moment for sure.

>> leah: after graduating he played two seasons at vanderbilt.

As soon as the decision was made basketball fans turned right back to the virtual nba draft to see where college of charleston great grant reliabler would go.

Answer he will stay here in the carolinas and play for the charlotte hornets.


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