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Monday, April 19, 2021

How to stay safe when shopping on Cyber Monday

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How to stay safe when shopping on Cyber Monday
How to stay safe when shopping on Cyber Monday
How to stay safe when shopping on Cyber Monday

Lies just a couple days ahead is cyber monday with even more sales... i spoke with a cyber security expert who offers some tips on how you can stay safe when shopping online.

Chris rader says you always want to look for the "s" in https when searching anything in your web browser - "s" is for secure.

Rader says scammers are good at watching your search engines.

Rader sot "someone uses google search and they pick that up and they come up with a ficticious site right?

So then you see ad words on the left right it says ad for advertisement.

So the'll pick that up and try to trick me to going to a site tha's not the site that i want to go to or a site that i would like to go to".rader says information on you and your credit cards can be found on the dark web - there are sites scammers pay for to watch your transactions.

The better business bureau says cyber monday is like a gold mine for scammers.

Babin sot "the're are so many transactions and products being purchased online, scammers are taking advantage of that opportunity.

The're sending people links and emails, even making phone calls trying to convince them that they have a package tha's at their house or is going to show up at thier house."babin says if you know you di'nt order anything, let that be a red flag.

Rader says he checks his account balance after every transaction and so should you.

Rader sot "everytime i make a credit card transaction i get a text or an email that says the amount and the vendor and if it doe'nt look right then i contact my credit card company."rader says shoppers get scammed when checking gift cards balances as well - he says to just go in the store and ask for a balance check.

Rader says the amount of people who do't understand user security is like being starnded in the wild wild west and tha's why i's so easy to be taken advantage of.

He also says be careful when shopping on cyber monday because your money i'nt just in your purse or wallet anymore - i's in your phone, tablet and


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