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Friday, May 7, 2021

"Best In Me," Morning Brew

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'Best In Me,' Morning Brew
"Best In Me," Morning Brew

"Best In Me," by elementary school teacher and author, Natalie McDonald-Perkins

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Know that tonight is our mornin brew where we share the positiv things always with you to featuring a new book called indians and elementary school teacher natalie donald perkin bested me as a multicultural book of poetry is over children of all backgrounds will cover self-esteem, cultural understanding, tolerance, acceptance, friendship and race.

The children join a counseling class because they get teased for being different, but when the students share how their unique to make a powerful discovery that their happiness comes from what makes it special.

You can purchase the me on amazon kindle natalie mother fine bookstores out there to social media pages as well.

For more information will post those details on website as well.

I will do any good lottery.

I know you been waiting all week for him today.

We have a morning brew baby copy winner.

It is time held from the land and congratulations, you are the winner of the big b coffee mug and also a coffee they do the roses days over to the contest page w t v and click on the contest at to take the big ecopy trivia challenge for a chance when the next friday that you watch for a new winter every friday right here on the vacant and some weird bad dad


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