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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Woman victimized by former police officer speaks out on Court decision

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Woman victimized by former police officer speaks out on Court decision
Woman victimized by former police officer speaks out on Court decision

After the Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Neil Halttunen would be granted conditional admission to the Oregon Bar, one woman is demanding her voice be heard.

News at 5" a woman who says she was victimized by a former springfield cop... is speaking out tonight after learning he'll be allowed to practice law in oregon.

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

I'm emma jerome.

This is a story you'll only see on kezi 9 news.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy spoke with the woman today... and tells us why she's not afraid of raising her voice.

Phoner: rosen: "it clearly doesn't take any character to be an oregon lawyer.

Eugene resident aspen rosen heard the news on thursday.

The oregon supreme court deciding that neil halttunen, a former springfield police officer -- can be admitted to the oregon bar.

Rosen is just one of many women who have come forward over the years.

Rosen: "i was a manager of an adult club in springfield for seven years.

He would swing by and see me every shift and send me pictures and inappropriate videos of s&m."

Rosen says halttunen's treatment of young women was disgusting.

Oregon's board of bar examiners denied halttunens application to practice law... saying quote "no dispute that from 2009 to 2012 while working as a police officer, he engaged in inappropriate, unethical and dishonest conduct.

Even halttunen admits he used his position of trust and authority as a police officer to pursue romantic and sexual relationships with women while on duty.

Bridge: halttunen's lawyer told me saturday that his client is thrilled with the new ruling -- adding that the court believes one's past does not dictate one's future.

This doesn't sit well with rosen who says she's still haunted by his actions.

Rosen: "the young ones that this happened to -- their past has dictated their future.

And yet for his past.

Now he's rewarded.

How does that go?"

Rosen says she's told her story to the f-b-i, as well as the court.

Rosen: "i don't believe that he should be rewarded in any way for his behavior."

Reporting in lane county kennedy dendy kezi 9


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