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Monday, March 1, 2021

'Santa Man' helps spread joy for the holidays

Credit: WTHI
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'Santa Man' helps spread joy for the holidays
'Santa Man' helps spread joy for the holidays
A friendly face is helping spread joy at a local store for the holidays.

A friendly face has been working to spread joy this holiday season.

Executive producer annie johnston shows us how.

*nats* // cart pushing ..

"ho, ho, ho, ho."

This santa is taking a different kind of sleigh through the snow..

But he's still spreading christmas cheer.

"i just like people, haha."

He's known as the local "santa man."

It's easy to guess why... *nats* "ho, ho, ho merry christmas."

This santa helper is named eric burns.

You'll find him at the sam's club in terre haute.

"i push carts and do carry-outs."

// "it feels great i mean you know, helping people out.

Making 'em smile.

They say thank you for helping out, i say ..

Not a problem."

His co-workers are glad to have this jolly fellow on their team.

"i get all choked up about it because it's so special for us here at sam's club."

// " he's also up here in the break-room being santa with us and just brings a lot of holiday cheer."

Eric knows a thing or two about helping others.

He gives back as an eagle scout, and volunteers at a local community center.

"i make kids smile, enjoy their christmas day."


The next time you're at sam's club ..

Give "santa" a wave.

"santa, you're here?"

-- "oh yeah, santa's always here."

In terre haute with chief photojournalist tony kassiessiah..

Annie johnston, news 10.

Surfing santas are going virtual santas are surfing news 10.

Johnston, news 10.

News 10.


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