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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Fans hopeful for championship victory

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Fans hopeful for championship victory
Fans hopeful for championship victory
Fans hopeful for championship victory

Than 35-thousand were moderna doses.

Happening now!

The alabama crimson tide is fighting to capture it's first college football title since 20-17.

Right now -- the tide holds a 21- point lead over ohio state at the start of the 4-th quarter.

Quarterback mac jones has 5 touchdowns and more than 450 passing yards.

While the game is in miami -- that isn't keeping fans here in the rocket city from having fun.

Let's check in with waay 31's max cohan.

He's live at the mars music hall where fans were celebrating even before kickoff.

Max... guys, you just mentioned the score -- but even before kickoff fans here were excited and feeling pretty certain that tonight would end with celebration..

Sheldon sumner -- rooting for alabama "i'm pretty sure alabama's got this one in the bag to be honest with you.

It's gonna be pretty hard for ohio state to pull it out."

In the game that caps off a season unlike any other -- anomalies are still showing up...on monday night in the form of auburn fans rooting for the tide.

Jonathan mccollough -- crimson tide fan "i know it's not the norm for auburn fans to be that way, but i'm not really die hard."

Die-hard or not -- fans say its great to be able to sit back and relax during these trying times .

Especially if your confidence is high.

"we knew if we was gonna play, we was gonna win.

We came here to win."

And winning is part of the fabric of crimson tide footall -- with five national championships under head coach nick saban...some life-long fans say part of their confidence comes from the strength of this team...which they rank among the best ever.

Bill cole -- die-hard tide fan "we're guys you know and we're 50ish so we've seen a lot of alabama championship teams but this offense and this team is gonna go down as maybe the best, if they finish the deal tonight and win it all."

Now there's still left -- but with the game it looks like the crimson tide will be bringing home its third c-f-p title -- giving them the most in huntsville, max cohan, waay 31 news.


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