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Sunday, February 28, 2021

01-15-21 Bria

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01-15-21 Bria
01-15-21 Bria
01-15-21 for bri

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm george mallet.

We start this afternoon with a check on the weather with kimt stormteam 3 chief meteorologist aaron white.

Aaron is there more snow on the way for the weekend?

Snow and wind is still ongoing across portions of minnesota and iowa, but most of our area is seeing a lull in the activity.

We'll see more snow showers later this evening and into tonight, with an additional 1?

"*2" possible for some.

Overall, snowfall totals have ranged from 4?

"* 7 inches across southeast minnesota and north central iowa.

Tonight: snow showers ending lows: low 30s wind: nw 10?

"*25 our first winter storm of 2021 has come and largely gone..

But the thick, wet snow remains.

The city of rochester wants to remind all of us, city workers need our help with clean?

"*up efforts.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from rochester..

Jessica, what should residents be taking care of right now?

Well george ?

"* there are a couple things!

The first is homeowners have 24?

"*hours to clear snow and ice from sidewalks along their property..

But don't shovel it onto the street otherwise you may be fined.

The second thing to be aware of is alternate side parking..

The city says drivers should park their car on the side of the street with an even house number when the date is even..

And on odd days park on the side of the street with odd numbers.

The goal is to allow for easier and safer access to streets when city employees are working to clear the these snow storms after snowstorms throughout the winter are slowly going to make our streets narrow and that will eventually inhibit the travel of emergency vehicles, transit vehicles, school buses, trash pickups; they just make our roads narrower and harder for the traveling public to navigate them.

Since tomorrow is the 16th..anyone parked on the odd side of the street today will want to start moving their car over to the even side of the street..

Otherwise you could be facing a 25?

"* dollar fine.

Live in rochester?

"* thank you jessica.

Remember to clear snow the width of the sidewalk..

To ensure strollers and wheelchairs can get through.

Across our area ?

"* people are digging out from last night's snow storm.

This is a look in forest city this morning ?

"* as sidewalks ?

"* driveways and streets were cleared away.

Winnebago county and western portions of our area received anywhere from 5 to 6 inches of snow.

We caught up with jeff barlon (bar?

"* loon) ?

"* who one of many "light, fluffy snow don't take long at all.

It's this wet, heavy stuff that does.

But i'm not going to complain, because we actually have had less snow this year so far."

If you're cleaning off your drive?

"*way r sidewalks?


"* be sure to ke your eyes out for ice.

The covid?

"*19 testing site in albert lea is staying closed today because of the winter weather.

The site closed yesterday afternoon at 3:30.

If you need a test you'll have to make an appointment for another time.

We have those details on kimt dot com.

Capitol live u matix president?

"* elect joe biden famously rode an amtrak train to and from work during his decades of service as a senator from delaware.

He was expected to take one more train ride from delaware to d?

"*c on the day he is to be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states of america.

That trip has now been cancelled because of security concerns surrounding the inauguration.

We have more now on the threats of violence and the steps being taken to secure the inauguration of joe biden.

Banners are going up outside the white house ahead of next wednesday's presidential inauguration... while outside the capitol newly installed razor wire lines seven foot tall fences to ensure the transfer of power goes smoothly.

(nats) law enforcement taking no chances following last week's capitol assault... and the threat of ?


"( violence from dome extremist groups.

"there is a great deal of very concerning chatter and it's what you don't know that we're preparing for."

"i asked the federal government to devise a deployment plan that would protect federal assets in the district of columbia."

The national park service is closing large portions of the national mall until after the inauguration.

"we did receive a letter from the u.s. secret service yesterday asking us to consider closing serveral areas within the national mall.

This is essentially the monumental core, the areas around the white house and sections of pennsylvania avenue."

And house speaker nancy pelosi calling in the big guns to review capitol hill security.

"we must subject this whole complex to scrutiny, in light of what happened and the fact that the inauguration is coming."

A senior trump administration official confirms that the plan is for president trump to leave the white house early on wednesday morning and fly to florida.

He is not expected to participate in any inaugural activities or meetings with his successor.

An administration official says president trump's departure ceremony at joint base andrews will be like a state visit departure event.

The official said they plan on having a color guard, a military band, a 21 gun salute and yeah?


"*a red carpet.

O the outgoing president reaches palm beach, florida, there is nothing scheduled at the moment.

Minnesota governor tim walz says the state capitol will be safe this weekend and beyond.

During a news conference today walz addressed security preparations amid concerns about potential attacks at state capitols ahead of president?

"* elect joe biden's inauguration.

Minnesota department of public safety commissioner john harrington who was also there says the fbi, homeland security, and minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension reported they have not found any credible local threats.

Because of last week's riot in washington, dc by supporters of president donald trump, the governor activated the minnesota national guard to protect the state capitol.

Security officials have asked minnesotans to consider staying away from the state capitol complex unless they have specific planned activities or we're tlaking about sending national guard to the capitol on one of the most joyous, or what should be one of the most joyus days for our democracy..

The peaceful transfer of power from one elected official to another and shame on this country if we try to normalize what is happening here, shame on this country if we don't hold those who made this situation accountable and here in minnesota our first priority is the security of minnesotans.

And minnesota state patrol says they're ready to take action if they need to.

Take a look at this tweet they put out this morning.

It reads: "minnesota's state capitol has been, and continues to be, a safe place to conduct the important work of our state.

While we support minnesotans' first amendment rights to protest peacefully, anyone involved in illegal activity will be held accountable.

" postal customers in saint paul will see some changes as the city makes security preparations for the potential upcoming civil events.


"*s?*s blue collection boxes at four locations will be temporarily removed as a security measure to protect the mail and the public.

This year social ice has a whole new meaning and concept.

"here we have such a great communtiy that comes together to help one another and i love being part of this."

Here from a local restaurant owner and the rochester downtown just go home.


You see me?

The personal stories of capitol police officers who put their lives on the line last week are coming to light.

Hear from them about what it was like on this if you get lucky tonight?


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