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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Political News

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Political News
Political News
Political News

Frost formation here this morning.

So a little background here on frost.

It doesn't have to be freezing for there to be frost formation and freezing at the ground.

When we take readings, temperature readings, four to 5 feet above the ground.

May be warmer there and frost forming there at the ground where it is freezing and temperatures have to be equal to dew points.

So in charleston we are not seeing that right now.

Inland areas it is still possible.

Temperatures on the rise the next few hours.

Tell you how high they go in the afternoon and when they will plummet again.

Jon: boots on the ground in d.c.

Two days away from the inauguration.

Vetting members of the national guard to fears of potential insider attack within the ranks.

So far they have not found any signs of any significant threat.

Leah: meanwhile president-elect biden gearing up for his address to the country.

Fox news correspondent lauren blanchard has a closer look from washington.

Reporter: for inauguration security the fbi and defense officials say they are leaving no stone unturned.

A day before the country witnesses a historic transfer of power thousands of national request groups are stationed inside and outside the nation's capitol all in effort to provide security for inauguration day following the violent attack on january 6th authorities want to make sure something like that never happens again.

We have a plan for emergencies, plan for contingencies, plan for the worst they could happen.

They didn't do that on the sixte capitals as well.

Reporter: it has forced the presidential inaugural committee to make drastic changes.

This year it will largely be a virtual event.

I think more americans than ever before will be tuning into this because people are looking for a fresh start.

There was already discussion about what president-elect joe biden will do on his first day in office.

Executive orders on immigration, climate change and the economy will play a huge part.

Outlines for vaccination and recovery and particular relief for working people, for families.

There's a lot to do.

Reporter: today five of cabinet nominees including pick for secretary of state and treasury will appear on capitol hill for the start of their confirmation hearings.

In washington, lauren blanchard, fox news.

Jon: fbi arresting woman at capitol breach who may have been involved in stealing a computer from nancy pelosi's office and tried to sell it to russia.

So far reilly june williams of pennsylvania charged with disorderly conduct and entering restricted spacing in the capitol but she has not been charged with theft.

> look at this video we had this morning appears to show williams in a crowd videoing them that eventually leaving the capitol.

Informant claims to be former romantic partner of williams said they have seen williams taking a laptop or hard drive device from the has speaker's office.

That informant williams planned to send the device to a friend in russia but not ever shown taken.

Leah: trump pointed officials was set to serve in the role until the end of the year.

Calling a move retirement.

Dill ham says it is effective at noon on wednesday.

> republican senator josh hawley of missouri has found a new publisher for upcoming book.

Until earlier this month simon and chester was set to publish the tyranny of big tech.

Saman and chester decided to cancel the book after the riot at the capitol.

Conservative publish house is set to release in the spring.

Jon: rules are reportedly ironed out how the u.s. senate will operate when it is split right down the middle.

Sources say majority leader mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer are close to power sharing agreement.

Blueprint how it is operated in 2001 when also split 50/50 along party lines.

Leah: as joe biden plans to take office, women by his side will take charge.

Vice president elect kamala harris and first to be first lady dr. biden are set to accomplish first as they prepare for the very active roles in the biden administration.

Kamala harris chief spokeswoman you can expect her to be at the forefront of joe biden's policy decisions.

I will walk there proudly with my head and up shoulder back.

We will walk proudly what we learned during the obama biden administration and continue to listen to you.

Leah: 60 gun


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