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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Fire crews rescue man from ravine

Credit: WKTV
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Fire crews rescue man from ravine
Fire crews rescue man from ravine

A Frankfort-Center man is lucky to be in good health after being rescued from a ravine near his home in Frankfort Center.

To be alright after being stuck in a ravine for about two hours.

This all happening near the man's home about 200-yards from center road... this is your top story tonight he called 9-1-1 from his phone just after five this evening... fire crews say because of where the man was, crews needed to divide into two groups to try to get to the man from two different areas of the ravine.

They couldn't reach him because of how deep the ravine is - so they had to call ilion fire department technical rescue team and state fire crews to help... the crews rappelled down the ravine - and harnessed him up to the top... 9:20:40"this is the first one that we have had in a long time with the depth of the ravine.

Luckily the elements were good today.

You know- the weather was beautiful.

You know- it wasn't until the sun went down that he was actually - that we were worried about him getting hypothermia9:21:02...9:21: 58 he was extricated from the ravine in a harness and we pulled him up where he was able to walk up and walk out on his own."9:22:09 he was then taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Officials don't know how he got stuck... time now for a first look at your forecast tonight at six...


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