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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Good Word: Old Friends

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good Word: Old Friends
Good Word: Old Friends

Chip shares the story of 3 girls who bonded in Jr. High who are now working together in the same building 50 years later.

In the dalton.

We show you some pictures debbie is the young lady who was circled lead is the shortest girl in the middle and pam is holding a ping-pong ball on the right pam says they were not just classmates they were the best of friends ... but as we all know time changes things of the girls drifted apart as they grew up without let's fast-forward 25 years and debbie one of the circle got a job working for the superior court in whitfield county next year have this one on the right got work in the tax commissioner's office then a decade later pam also came to the tax commissioner's office now the three amigos from fort hill are back working in the same building in here they are again pam on the left in this picture that mr. not the giggly little teenagers they once were but they do remain very close friend but this reunion will break up a little bit later on this year when the tax commissioner's office moves to new building still were betting they stay in touch this time they will make it another 25 years without being very close contact our thanks to whitfield county switch tally for sharing their story if you have some good news that you would like t share with us let us know about it send us an email to news and w that's or link is


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