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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Under The Hood: Break Replacement 4/15/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Under The Hood: Break Replacement 4/15/2021
Under The Hood: Break Replacement 4/15/2021

James O'Daniel talks to us about the indications that your brake pads need to be replaced.

A lexington seventh grader is quickly gaining national stardom through his passion for yo- yo-ing abc 36's kaitlyn shive caught up with 13-year-old stoney mack whose talent has even landed him on national television.

### nat sound of yo yo stoney mack first fell in love with yo-yo-ing during a school field trip...after seeing a friend using one...and it quickly turned into his passion.

"i feel like im pretty decent for only yo yoing for a year, people say im good for the amount of time i hvae been yo-yoing so im im satisfied with how good i am" and good is an nce posting his talents on tik tok and instagram..mack has gained more than 90 thousand followers.

"new years eve i sat down with my dad and i told him the level i want to be, theres this huge yo-yoer hes a mentor to me and i told him how i want to be like him and my dad just told me what i have to do and i told him that im going to do it and within two weeks one of my videos got 5 million views" but the sudden social media fame hasnt phased him.

"you dont really pay attention to numbers if its something you love" david hoskins, the principal at edyth j hayes middle school, where mack is a seventh grader says mack is a student leader...and to see him follow his dreams is surreal.

"david for him to be able to pick that up and do all the incredible things he does with it and unique things its kind of a lost art that something maybe stoney can be a forrunner and bring back" mack says he spends around 30 minutes to two hours a day learning new tricks and practicing his skills.

Nat of yo yo and his dedication is paying off...hell be featured on the national level in an episode of the reality game of talents...where contestants guess what someone's talent is.

David "just to be able to see him take a passion that he has and to go national with it and get some recognition is really something special" mack "it was just an experience of a lifetime, ill never experience something like that again"