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Monday, July 26, 2021

LBS - Tax Collection Relief - 042021

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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LBS - Tax Collection Relief - 042021
LBS - Tax Collection Relief - 042021

If you missed the tax filing deadline or have questions, Kim Miller and Tax Collection Relief has answers on how to get your returns taken care of with the IRS.


[Music] kim miller with tax collection relief services is joining us again in today's local business spotlight kim thanks so much for joining us thank you jess all right tell me a little bit more about tcr and what you specialize in well we specialize in offering peace of mind and hope to taxpayers that feel they're in really a lot of trouble with the irs perfect all right so we're past the standard irs tax deadline what advice can you give for those who have submitted or have not submitted a return well if you haven't submitted a return it's a good idea to go ahead and do that even if you can't afford to pay the taxes today you should always submit a return because the irs will charge you a five percent penalty every month for five months that you're delinquent on filing that tax return all right is it ever too late to file a return no it's never too late but the irs may not require all the years to be filed currently the irs only requires 15 through 20 to be filed so if you haven't filed for 12 or 13 you may not have to perfect may not be as much work as we thought right well it may not be as much liability as we thought perfect all right what do i do if i have not filed a return in several years well you need to call us because we specialize in making sure that you are filed and have met all the filing requirements by the irs so we do a lot of old returns perfect all right i want to talk about some of those occupations who maybe find themselves in a bind with filing their taxes um anybody who gets a 1099 tends to have a little trouble filing their taxes or being able to pay the tax liability that's due examples of this would be a realtor or a truck driver we do a lot of those returns and help those taxpayers but then there's other people too people who own their own business any business a restaurant anything like that there's a lot of scary words associated with this and one of those that comes to mind is penalty of abatement what is that penalty abatement is where we request the irs to forgive those penalties that have been charged against a taxpayer and there's very special rules but we we really help a lot of taxpayers with that process and sometimes we're able to reduce a tax bill by half because of penalty abatement wow all right so we talked about those scary words just remind our viewers again at home why it's so important to come to you and to seek your help well you may be getting a letter from the irs that has a really scary headline that says notice of intent to levy or seize your property and so those are scary words and so lean levy seizure of property wage garnishment bank levy any of those things that the irs uses in its collection arsenal to try to collect taxes are scary but when you come to tax collection relief we take care of that all for you you do we take that burden on there is hope in dealing with the irs so so when you get those really scary letters from the irs threatening to lean or levy or seize your property you need to call us because there are many tools we can use to help you in those situations lots of people get that kinds of letters so don't feel embarrassed as we've talked before celebrities even get that so it's a common tool used by the irs all right kim thanks so much for providing hope to our viewers to our community tell us what's the best way to get started with you well the best way to get started with this us is with a free consultation so that we can give you peace of mind and help you understand exactly the situation you're in and help give you options so that you can get out of it just visit us at our website or you can call us for an appointment all right kim thanks so much for joining us thank you we'll talk to you again soon [Music]