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Monday, September 27, 2021

New Yorkers skate off the stress of 2020

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New Yorkers skate off the stress of 2020
New Yorkers skate off the stress of 2020

Central Park rollerskaters were giving it all on a hot afternoon to sweat out the stress of 2020 - the coronavirus pandemic and the fight for justice that shook many of them to the core.

Eve Johnson reports.

Skaters in New York are rolling into Central Park, hoping to sweat away the stress of a global pandemic and a fight for justice that shook many of them to their core Lynna Davis - AKA "Lynna the Moving Star" - is Vice President of the Central Park Dance Association.

"Mr. Floyd got murdered, and COVID-19 and all of the other things that came along with, being inside for so long and wearing masks.

You have to find a way to get that stress off...I put my skates on, and I just had to roll through it all." The association suspended its official activities last summer.

But Davis, and others, skated through the shutdown.

Open since April, the skating rink is now bringing in an audience along with the performers.

"It's like musicians, you know, how you can listen to a hundred different musicians and they have a hundred different sounds.

Nobody sounds alike.

Same thing with roller-skating.

Nobody skates alike." Some skaters said they were mindful of clouds on the horizon as the Delta variant spreads like wildfire through parts of the United States.

But barring new covid curbs, the association said they plan to keep the party going through September.

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