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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Precision Air & Plumbing: HVAC equipment shortage due to COVID

Credit: ABC15 Arizona
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Precision Air & Plumbing: HVAC equipment shortage due to COVID
Precision Air & Plumbing: HVAC equipment shortage due to COVID

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This triple digit heat wavfor your old outdated airSo how do you know if it'syour unit, you call this gprecision Aaron plumbing aus replace our unit withouac count because this is athe homeowners know hey itnew unit.

Well there's a lreally and quite honestlypretty keen on knowing theup there in age.

It's makikind of struggling.


My kind of generalyou're spending more moneythan you are on preventatiyour systems older than 10it's time to start gettingestimates so that you areomfr when that big expenseso many brands out do we know which branddo we know what size unitquestions.

Every contractoso they're biased to someend of the day what a homeneeds to be concerned withon the system from the manbig names trained Goodmanall good systems are madeU.


But secondly and mosgetting a good contractor.of these units is key on hto perform and also makingproperly sizes it when theit going like for like foutimes.

Could be the worstManual J.

Lo accounts needa good contractor is impersave you money.

You don'tSo how long does the entiran A.


Unit process takethe estimate process couldand honestly if you're beibe you should get multiplea company that you're comffrom the time you decide ogo with.

Generally you'reto 75 hours, three or fourmetal that's got to be maddays is generally the averwe've made the investment.underestimate the value ofand making sure that the tisTh is a big investment.$15,000 investment.

So thifor most homeowners asidetheir car.

So you want toit serviced with a properan inspection and having aout?

A lot of people thinkin the unit, it's fine.


Even a brand new cain it, so take care of ityou'll be happy.

Why shoulan d plumbing?

Well, that'snine years in a row.

We'rethe Better Business Bureauethics.

The torch award.

Creally, really focus on pemore focused on taking carWe have the same people bejust feel like if we takeproper way at the propertyth at's right.

I mean custobig part of this industry.competitors out there is athe reason why we are numbYes.

And I know this is alyou to make sure that we Gfor not inspections, but tleast once a year.

Right?a lot of companies will teit done twice a year, butup a year is all you needkeli precision that does atune up.

Not just the inspwill last a lot.

All rightdo if our unit goes out inyo u call precision so to fanother tip on that.

Shutnot working, shut it off.Get out and take a look atkeep running.

That's righta week.

And he has a speciSonoran living viewers.

Thwill receive $1000 off.

Ancall 60 to fix my A.


Th2 or visit precision.

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