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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Unity Christian Chandlers

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The Unity Christian Chandlers
The Unity Christian Chandlers
The Crusaders play for a division 4 state championship on Friday night

#####BREAK FIVE#######sports short sot openTHE UNITY CHRISTIAN FOOTBALLTEAM IS ON THE VERGE OF SETTINGTHE STATE RECORD FOR POINTS AINSEASON...A LARGE PORTION OFTHEIR 751 POINTS HAVE BEENSCORED BY IDENTICAL INTWBROTHERS CAMERON AND DREWCHANDLER....WE SAT DOWN WITHTHEM MONDAY TO TALK ABOUT ALLTHINGS TWINS AND FOOTBAL..L.Bakita "Drew Chandler number twois the running back, CamChandler the twins seniorquarterback number eight."Jason says "Who was born first?"Drew says w"Ias born first."Jason says "By how much?"Drew says "6 minutes."Jason says "What question do youget the Jason says "What Drewsays "6 minutes."much?"Drew says "6 minutes."Jason sa "ysWhat question do youget the most?"Cam says "How do we tell youapart?"Jason says "And your answer is?"Drew says "Ask other people.Some say I have a more squarechin, his is more aoftriangle."Cam says "He has a little."Drew says "Freckle right her"e.Jason says "What’s the craziestthing you’ve ever doneo tpretend you are the other one?"Drew says "One time he had anappointment that he couldn’tmiss."Cam says "I got in a car crash,I just slid off into a ditch andI was on my way to anappointment and I called my momand said I can’t make it, I’m inthe ditch and then he went to itand they had no clue it was adoctor appointment or somecheckup."Jason says "Who’s the betterathlete?"Cam says "I think we are good atdifferent things.

Baskballethe,tends to shoot better, I tentodplay defense mor"e.Drew says "His running times arefaster, but I don’t know, Ithink I’m faster.

A number can’tmake me think different."Jason saysDe "scribe yourrelationsh."ipDrew says "We really don’t argueor disagree really.

It’s kind ofjust go with the flow."Cam says "Everything you dothroughout the day, we usuallydo it together, so we are alwaystogether."Bakita "Fake to Drew Chandler,Cam Chandler around left end.Touchdown Unity Christian!"Jason says "You guys aren’t justundefeated and playing in astate championship game, I meanyou have just destroyedeverybody you have played.

Notonly to do that, but to do ittogether.

What has that beenlike for you gs?uy"Cam says "It is pretty cool.Just like he is my real family,my who tleeammates are like myfamily, so it is we are doingthis together."Drew says "I’d say it is prettysurreal still, I don’t thinitkhas really set in.

I think itwill in a week or two, but yeahthis has been a crazy ride."two, but yeah this has think itwill in a week or think it hasreally set in.

I think it willin a week or two, but yeah thishas been a crazy ride."Jason says "I’ve heard your amtethis year referred to by peopleoutside of your program as theUnity Christian Chandlers, haveyou heard that?"Cam says "Yeah I do hear that."Drew says "Our teammates alwaysjust make jokes about ."Cam says "We obviously score alot of touchdowns, but I wouldsay they put in way more effortto make the team succeed.

All Ido is grab the ball and run."Drew says "We definitely wouldnot be getting this kind ofattention if they didn’t do whatthey did."FRIDAY NIGHT UNITYCHRISTIAN...AND CHELSEA PLAY FORTHE DIVISION FOUR STATECHAMPIONSHIP AT RDFOFIELD...BOTH TEAMSUNDEFEATED...THE CRUSADERS ARE23 POINTS AWAY FROM TIEING

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