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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Disappearance of Robert Levinson

Disappearance of Robert Levinson
Disappearance of Robert Levinson

Robert Alan Levinson was an American former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who disappeared on March 9, 2007, in Kish Island, Iran, while on a mission for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Levinson's family received a $2.5 million annuity from the CIA in order to stop a lawsuit revealing details of his work in Iran and to forestall any revelation of details regarding the arrangement between Levinson and the agency. He is believed to have been held captive by the Government of Iran, while Iran does not acknowledge his arrest. In 2017, Levinson became the longest held American hostage in history, surpassing Floyd James Thompson. According to his family, he suffered from type 1 diabetes, gout, and hypertension. His passport has never shown up in any other country. On March 25, 2020, Levinson's family announced his death on the advisement of the U.S. government, and although the date is unknown, it is assumed that he died while in Iranian custody.

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