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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Hombre Termina Encarcelado por Venta de Licencias Falsas de

Credit: KRGV (Espanol)
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Hombre Termina Encarcelado por Venta de Licencias Falsas de
Hombre Termina Encarcelado por Venta de Licencias Falsas de

Un hombre de Brownsville fue arrestado, acusado de hacer docenas de licencias falsas de conducir mexicanas.

-- police say people living in the u-s, who don't know where to get an authentic license, or can't legally obtain one because of their immigration status, sometimes resort to this.

Stacks of blank cards...nats: ready for print -- brownsville auto theft task force agents, confiscated them this week, from 28-year-old neslon perez-flores -- he's accused of making these fake mexican driver's licenses.

Brownsville police detective melissa gonzlalez says he made it happen by using a laptop, and this small printer...he advertised on the facbook page la pulga online, and this other fake profile -- customers were paying $150 per card sot det.

Melissa gonzalez brownsville police department "any form of license is better than none, so i mean, that's pretty much why people would risk buying a fake license" gonzlalez says - as a border town it's not unusual to have mexican drivers throughout the streets of brownsville, to have a mexican license when stopped by police.

Producing no identification can lead to bigger issues.

"not every situation is the same, but ultimatley, you could also face failure to i-d, if we find out that you are lying about your name your date of birth, or any other identifying information, you can get arrested for failure to identify" police say it's not their role to enforce immigration laws - but if an arrest warrants needed, they can call u-s border patrol agents to help identify a person in custody.

Vanessa ortega, spokeswoman for the mexican consulate in brownsville, says mexican nationals don't have to resort to these measures, regardless of immigration status.

Sot: vanessa ortega mexican consulate brownsville "it's possibly people that don't have other documents to identify themselves.

For them, the message is that here, at the mexican consulate, people can obtain identification documents, that are valid and official" the cost?

Just $27 for an official mexican i-d another reason a person might take a risk in buying a fake license, ortega says -- it can help them obtain car insurance, even if it's at a higher cost.

Detective gonzalez says getting busted for using a fake license, could lead to an arrest, and even an ice detainer, if the person crossed into the u-s illegally... it could also ruin the path to a legal immigration status vanessa ortega mexican consulate brownsville "it can affect their application process, definitely.

The best thing is not to buy documents elsewhere -the only mexican government entities that can issue valid id's in the u.s., are the consulates" ortega says anyone that shows up with a fake license to the mexican consulate for processing documents - will be turned away.

Gonzalez says using these fake licenses could lead to even more problems, like charges for fraud and identity theft... police admit the quality of these licenses was pretty good, but if they are ever in doubt of an i-d, they can use their discretion to further investigate the issue live from the cameron county

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