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Monday, March 1, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 1, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 1, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 1, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, CVS is pulling popular heartburn drug Zantac and its generic equivalent off shelves due to recent FDA findings that the active ingredient Ranitidine contains an ingredient that could potentially cause cancer.

And we meet today's Educator of the Week!

I love this country.cbd.

What's in it and how does it affect you?

We're taking a look.

And, we meet another educator of the week.

Plus, a conversation with olivia newtown john.

Midmorning starts right now.

Evy ye a every year about 10 percent of us adults fall for a fraud.

New research reveals how a victim connects to a scam can make a big difference whether or not they lose money.

Meg oliver reports dee emerson was job searching online and thought she found the perfect fit.

"i was excited you know the money and to be able to work from home, that was a great opportunity."

The offer was a data entry work from home position.

The company hired her and said they'd send a 50 check to pay for equipment.

"when i receive the check it was for 47 hundred dollars."

Emerson became suspicious and after looking into it discovered it was a scam.

It's believed the check was a fake and the people behind it probably wanted her to deposit the check then send back four thousand dollars before it bounced.

"i'm just glad went with my insticts."

Emerson didn't fall for the scam but plenty of people do.

New research from the better business bureau finds around one out of four people who fall for employment and fake check frauds loose money.

Victims of online purchase scams... which involve buying products that never show up... are the most likely to loose money.

"anybody can b targeted and victimized by fraud."

Gary mottola with the financial industry regulatory authority says people are more likely to engage and lose money in a scheme when they connect with the con through social media or a website.

Researchers also found people who live alone and don't have people to talk to are at higher risk.

"not talking t someone about a potentially fraudulent offer is problematic and leads to higher, higher victimization rates."

Mottola says knowledge is power.

People who didn't fall for a scam already knew about them from news reports or word of mouth.

Meg oliver, cbs news, new york.

People who scored higher on a financial literacy questionnaire were also less likely to become a scam victim.

C-v-s is pulling a heartburn drug off the shelves over cancer concerns.

The pharmacy chain says it has stopped selling zantac and its own generic version of the medication.

The move comes after the u-s food and drug administration said acid- reducing medicines with ranitidine contain low levels of an impurity that could cause cancer.

Despite c-v-s's decision to stop selling the medicine, zantac and its generic counterpart have not been recalled.

But c-v-s says customers who have already bought the products can return them for a refund.

Cbd products have skyrocketed in popularity and seem to be for sale everywhere, from grocery stores, to coffee shops and gas stations.

Cbd is a compound found in marijuana, but it does not get you high.

Advocates say it can help with anything from muscle aches to anxiety.

But without wide federal oversight, there is no way of really knowing what's inside cbd.

Cbs news decided to find out.

Here's barry petersen with the results.

It took two days for senior lab associate joshua cogell to test our nine samples& checking for cbd and for thc -- the ingredient in marijuana that gives a high -- and also for dangerous impurities like pesticides and heavy metals& jc: so mile high labs we test for four different heavy metals - mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead.

The four bp: they all sound bad jc: they are very yes, things you do not want in your body.

Here's what mile high found in our samples& none had pesticides or heavy metals above federal standards& the thc levels were all within federal guidelines.

But when it came to the dosages advertised on the label&watch out!

Four samples were pretty much right on& two samples cheated you -- giving only 60 to 80 percent of the advertised dosage& then there were the over- performers&a thousand- milligram sample was really 1,100&ten percent higher.

And one was áwayá over&210- percent of what the label said& joshua cogell: this last sample claimed 500 milligrams in the bottle.

And we measured 210% in the bottle-- question: holy mackerel.

Joshua cogell: yeah.

And so that's really concerning to me that they don't have the controls in place to understand that they're putting twice as much of that in the finished product&" steve mueller founded mile high labs in loveland, colorado and is its c-e-o& he testified at fda hearings arguing for federal regulation to ensure accuracy in labeling& stephen mueller: so right now, there's no one enforcing any of those things.

It's sort of up to the companies to do it themselves.

Barry: so that really is the wild west.

You just-- whatever you say is what ends up on the label is what people think they're buying?

Stephen mueller: yeah, i mean, you can see that from the results here that it is the wild west.

And what you get on the shelf is-- you don't really know.

To find out if what we don't know can hurt us -- we went to the emergency room at u-c health university of colorado hospital& where i met doctor andrew monte, a toxicologist and emergency medicine physician who has treated people who ingested too much cbd& well, patients actually can become more somnolent than-- would be expected, right?

So they could-- become very sleepy.

Patients can also get nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Standup: "now, it's wort mentioning -- dr. monte tells cbs news that cannabinoids ádoá interact with prescription drugs.

But because we lack reliable controlled trials -- we don't have enough detail to understand all the interactions.

Barry petersen, cbs news, new york."

We're recognizing another top teacher in the area.

Meet our educator one rst one first grade class is learning how to identify pronouns while reading...but the teacher in the classroom quickly learned we were there to shoot a story...alll about áherá.

Here's renae skinner with our educator of the week.

Nat pop: "look look!

Will yo look at me?"

Track: today's lesson is pronouns!

So..let me put it to you this way...ásheá is getting áthemá--excited about learning parts of speech.

Sot: letha jones/eow--"the are loving what i am teaching and they are involved in the classroom and they are super excited too" track: during class, the students get to act out the sentences with their hands....and sometimes fingers... .

Sot: letha jones/eow--"th more they say the word and act out the word the more they will be able to remember it so we say it...and then we act it out" track: a little classroom discussion... goes a long way sot: letha jones/eow--"yo have to capture the heart before you can capture the student" track: misses letha jones captures their hearts and minds everyday at aberdeen elementary school... nat pop: "alrigh you guys are so smart...good job!"

Track: although you have to's easy to reach kids, if you've already considered them yours.

Sot: letha jones/eow--"the touch my heart...i feel like they are my children too and when i come to school i come because i love making a difference in their lives" track: plus... not just one teacher making a difference... track: but two... sot: juria mckenzie: "w make the classroom fun and exciting and the kids love it!"

Track: sometimes so much so...that the students beg to learn more!

Track: so...keeping the pronouns in mind...áweá decided that ásheá...deserved an award.

Mrs.ones mrs. jones has been teaching for 20 years!

To nominate your favorite teacher...visit wcbi dot com.

An indianapolis teacher holds a weekly "barbershop" offer kids, particularly boys without male role models, an opportunity to bond male to male.

Nick mcgill has that story.

On thursdays at providence cristo rey high school nat/yeakey - "the mos important part of a haircut is the hairline" this basement cafeteria graduates to a barbershop nat/yeakey - "and his hairlin grows just a little bit differently here, but we're still going to have it real nice."

But for the young men in this room, these weekly sessions are about more than just ..

Looking good nat/yeakey - "what is th number one thing that will help you become successful?"

For the past three years vice- principal fred yeakey has spearheaded his grooming the outer man, guiding the inner man program ..students sign up to get a free haircut ..

And end up leaving with a free life lesson.

Sot - fred yeakey/vice- principal: "the quickest way to change culture, a pulse and the climate of the school is not what you do in the classroom, it's what you do outside the classroom."

Nat/yeakey - "you don't have t pay me money, but you do have to pay attention!"

Cristo rey is a private school, meant for low income, minority students....with his barbershop program yeakey..

Offer kids in need of male role models..

Mentorship....guiding them to a brighter future sot - fred yeakey/vice- principal: "so i had to get close to the so they understood that i cared for them first.

Then i gave them the opportunity so they can then see why."

For yeakey its part of a plan to give back..the kids..

Seem to think its working.

Sot - student: "at the time i was down, and m confidence was down - he helped me bring myself back up."

Sot - student: "something i can't explain, bu it's like a family."

For the seniors in this program..

Its been 3 years of growth and they help to lead the younger members while contemplating on their own futures sot - fred yeakey/vice- principal: "it just lets you kno sometimes the seed you plant can be the blessing and the hope for tomorrow."

Yeakey says the reward of the program is seeing the growth each young man goes through..

He has their trust ..

They know he has their back..together itús a recipe for success...for now..and the future sot - fred yeakey/vice- principal: "i want this to be a movement, want someone to be compelled to do something in the hopes that it can become something you never imagined."

Nick mcgill fox59 the perfect cup of joe.

We're behind the scenes --roasting beans when midmorning returns.

Is wked this weeked marked a special day for caffeine lovers all over the country.

Coffee lovers celebrated national coffee day.

Wcbi reporter and coffee lover cash matlock paid a visit to the folks at south bound coffee co.

In columbus and learned all about the complex process of making one the world's most popular beverages.

Take a look... the beans and cream coffee shop in columbus is a unique one.

It's home to south bound coffee company, one of three shops in the golden triangle that roast their own coffee beans.

"so we put our green coffee i the top.

It comes to us in seed form from the farmers.

It's actually the pit of a cherry.

It comes to us in that green form after it's been processed.

We put it in the top of the roaster, then as we pull that lever, it drops down into the roaster and it cooks over a period of time."

Josiah andrews is the head roaster.

He's been in the coffee making business for about 5 years now, but he's been roasting his own beans for about two years.

"the fact that we roast all o our own coffee lets us bridge the gap between the process of growing coffee and the thought, the intent, and the labor of the farmers gets to come through our hands, so we get to do our due diligence to bring what they put all their time and effort into the coffee to try to highlight and bring that out.

Not cook it so dark that it's not highlighted anymore.

We keep it in that range where we highlight the natural flavors."

And a lot goes into making those natural flavors... in fact, andrews says coffee flavors vary depending on where the beans are grown, and what time of year they are harvested.

"if you have a guji coffe coming from ethiopia that's going to harvest at a certain time of year, and it's probably going to be a slightly different time than a geisha coffee coming from columbia or a cajamarca in peru and different things."

Fields ferguson has worked with south bound coffee for almost a year now.

He says there's a conscience effort to change the "coffe culture."

"in the coffee industry there's a term called 'third wave,' and it's this specialty coffee era, basically.

Meaning that, instead of just giving you a quick and easy caffeine fix, we want to prepare you a cup that is high quality.

It's of the best ingredients, and you get to taste the specific elements of coffee."

Ferguson says making coffee is more than a job... "this is an art form.

If yo wanted to be very superficial, you could say the way you poor milk into the cup and make a flower or a heart or a tulip or whatever it is... that's definitely art, but also the fact that we are caring about the bean from the day it's imported to us, or the day it's actually farmed, to the day it's imported, to how we roast it, and then also how we serve it."

"out heart is to educat people about coffee.

Some people don't know how much thought and effort these families or collectives or farmers in these countries are going through to make this coffee taste amazing."

South bound coffee is hosting a coffee cupping night at beans and cream in columbus friday, october 4th at 6pm for anyone interested in learning more about the coffee making process.

You can rsvp by messaging their instagram accounty @ southboundcoff ee a new study finds pet-loving millennials are willing to pay for good care and convenience when it comes to the health of their four- legged housemates.

As hilary lane reports - one fast-growing company is using its app-based business to help meet the demand.

-nats- ashley hesseltine has been a pet parent to dewey for 11 years...and when it comes to her dog, she spares no expense.

When i first got dewey i was a freelance writer and made no money and went into credit card debt just getting him taken care of.

When he began showing signs of joint stiffness she became concerned and turned to "fuzz pet health"... subscription- based pet healthcare company.

-nats- using their app -- hessletine was able to get veterinarian lisa lippman to see dewey at home.

You just don't have to leave your house and it's more comfortable for the dog too.

I think when dogs walk into a vets office they know what they are there for and they start having anxiety according to the american pet products association... u-s pet owners are expected to spend a record 75-billion dollars on veterinary care this year alone...largely driven by millennials making pets a priority.

A separate study found 92-percent of millennials are as concerned about their pet's health as their own...and would rather spend time with their pet than with their spouse, parents and friends - combined.

Millennials have pets now instead of children and so they are their children and will go to any length for them similar start-ups including instavet, vetted, and kwikvet have launched apps to meet the demand of millennial dog and cat owners.

Right now in- home visits from fuzzy are only available in new york and san francisco.

For about six- hundred dollars a year...members can book two checkups, order prescriptions, and chat with vets through the app.

He is my world.

I love him so much.

Hesseltine says it's money well spent.

Hilary lane, cbs news, new york.

Today kicks off breast cancer awareness month.

Actress olivia newtown john shares her journey next on midmorning.


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