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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

KMVT Local 11 News at 6

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KMVT Local 11 News at 6
KMVT Local 11 News at 6
Brian, Kelsey and Brittany

2 2 farmers may soon be using a new technique to fertilize their cows, we'll take you to the lab plus... 2 2 starting a fire, even accidentally is lot easier than you might think.

What local firefighters want you to see before the big holiday.

2 2 good evening and thanks for tuning in to your news at 6..

I'm kelsey souto in for joe martin.

2 a minidoka man is on the run tonight after shooting a woman in the chest.

2 2 an arrest warrant has been issued for ernesto moro-yo-kway martinez for attempted second degree murder.

It happened on tuesday when officers responded to a call from a rupert woman shot in the chest.

She has since been released from the hospita 2 2 authorities are asking for the publics help..

2 if you have any information about him you are encouraged to call the minidoka county sheriff's office at 4-3-4-2-3-2-0.

2 with the fourth of july weekend coming up...first responders tend to respond to a spike in calls.

Cristle jose reminds us of a few tips to stay safe this holiday.

2 with many setting off fireworks to celebrate independence day...the twin falls fire department demonstrated how fast a fire can spread in the matter of seconds...using legal fireworks.

2 2 06:18 you might think that's its under control but with wind and dry grass, its pretty dangerous :05 2 in the average of 18,500 fires per year are caused by fireworks, which accounts for $43 million in damages.

2 so when you light your fireworks... 2 04:58 we want to make sure that you're in a clear, open area :05 2 and a source of water nearby 2 "either a hose or a bucket :06 in the event that something did catch on fire, you can put it out right away.

:05 2 although there were instances where the firecracker did not start a fire..

2 06:35 the potentials there so we want to make sure theyre in a safe area :03 2 using legal itemsand proper supervision.

2 06:44 you want to make sure a responsible adult is supervising the use of fireworks and make sure your pets are taken care of that theyre in a safe place while you're using the fireworks :09 2 firefighters like to stay busy...but 2 that means someone else is having a bad day so we'd really not be busy in the sense that we'd rather the public be safe :08 2 2 a fireworks recall days before the 4th of july holiday.

2 the u-s consumer product safety commission has recalled over 36-thousand units of the 'tnt red, white, & blue smoke fireworks' after multiple reports that some of the devices exploded when lit.

2 the fireworks were being sold at various vendors, including walmart and kroger and meijer in illinois, ohio, vermont and wisconsin.

2 customers should stop using the fireworks and contact american promotional events for a refund at 800-243-1189, or online at

2 a new technology business that could be a game chager for the dairy and beef industries opens its doors here in the magic valley 2 kmvt local 11's emily duke took a tour through intermountain embryonics to learn what they do.

She joins us live in studio.

2 the cattle industry has used bovine in-vitro fertilization for years, but now a lab just started up right here in the magic valley.

2 2 2 12:55 to me i think it's a really efficient way to increase animal production and efficiency.

2 after 3 years as veteranarians in the magic valley....hoyt rees and his wife rebecca holmbeck decided it was a good place for the technology... 2 10:08 you can improve the value of your heard exponentially in a really short amount of time compared to traditional breeding methods.

2 during the process...hoyt collects the eggs from the best cows... selected by the farmer... using this long needle and a vacuum pump.

2 rebecca then processes them in their mobile lab to bring them back for incubation.

2 9:50 we culture those embryos for about a week and help them grow and get them to the stage that they need to be so that they'll survive when we put them into a donor animal.

2 while the technology isn't in the magic valley can now take advantage of the close proximity.

2 15:01 we have embryos in the incubator already.

2 the owners told me artificial insemination takes the best genetics from the male cow...this process could do the same for females.

2 13:46 embryos allow us to capitalize on the female side of the genetics.

I think it's just the second piece to the puzzle of creating a better animal.

2 the couple told me they implanted their first set of embryos about 3 weeks ago, so they'll be expecting their first set of calves in about 9 months.

2 emily duke...kmvt local 11 news.

2 an organization helping the mentally ill in the community celebrated its re-opening today.

2 2 the harmony club in twin falls re-opened after a couple months of renovations.

2 the organization offers a variety of services such as community based therapy to help clients build skills for independent living... in addition to day treatment and counseling.

2 35:10 we want to educate people about illness as far as mentally is concerned.

We want to just get the word out and help reduce stigma and we also want to let people know that we're here.

We're available in times of crisis for anyone who needs help :11 2 and if you are one of those in need of can contact the office with the number on your screen.

2 2 o'leary middle school officially has a new principal for the upcoming 2017 and 18 school year.

2 ace marcellus was hired to take over as the school's new administrator.

2 marcellus is working to hire a staff and get things settled.

He said although the position is new he's very familiar with o'leary.

2 i was a student here, i taught her for 16 years and i'm really excited.

This school has always had a very special place in my heart and i'm glad to rejoin the team.

2 marcellus said his focus for this year is synergy between the staff and they students.

2 he said he hopes to make every student feel welcome and included at o'leary.

2 the magic valley railroaders usually showcase their models on saturdays...but this week was a little different.

2 2 as part of a week-long workshop at the twin falls county fairgrounds...cub scouts tried their hand at operating a train...on the various railroad models.

2 officials told us they aim to encourage the youth to partake in hands-on activities...such as operating a model train.

2 since the organization is run by volunteers...they seek helpers for the upcoming county fair.

2 they will be able to blow the whistles.

They will be able to start and stop the train :10 they will communicate with our people young and old 2 43:12 and believe me, they're a joyous crowd, theyre a happy crowd.

:04 2 anyone wishing to check out the railroad tracks for themselves can do so every saturday from 12-2.

2 ...but if you'd like to pitch in a few hours to operate the can call the number on your screen.

2 2 president trump's travel ban will begin tonight... well, most of it at least.

Details on that after weatr.

2 2 2 brian>> 2 thursday night: clear and quiet 2 winds: south 5-10 mph low: 51 (mountains: 45) 2 friday: lots of sunshine and warmer winds: south 5-10 mph 2 high: 86 (mountains: 79) friday night: clear and nice 2 winds: light & variable low: 55 (mountains: 48) saturday: hot and sunny 2 winds: light easterly high: 94 (mountains: 86) sunday: sunny and hot high: 91 (mountains: 85) 2 monday: sunny and hot high: 95 (mountains: 88) tuesday: sunny and hot high: 98 (mountains: 91) wednesday: sny and hot high: 99 (mountains: 92) 2 thursday: sunny and hot high: 99 (mountains: 90) 2 kelsey>> 2 2 firefighters in arizona are fed up with unmanned interference..

That story when we return.

2 2 we brought you a story a few weeks ago about concerns the b-l-m had about drones interferring with firefighting efforts..

2 well that fear became a reality in arizona..

2 2 fire authorities said thursday morning an unauthorized drone put firefighters in danger and kept them from doing their job.

2 they say the drone disrupted air support for firefighters on the ground.

2 dry conditions and strong winds have contributed to the stubborn nature of the fire that started over the weekend.

2 the battallion chief tells reporters, the intrusion set them back.

2 so what happened is we had to go shut down all of the aircrafts, they had to leave the area go land and could not help the firefighters from keeping the fire from impacting those structures.

2 but what that did for our fighters is put them in an unsafe position where they may have to go in an area that is unsafe for them instead of using the helicopters so i just highly recommend that the public keep those drones out of the fire area.

2 as of this morning the fire was almost 25 thousand acres and is only one percent contained.

2 the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

2 2 president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin will meet on the sidelines of the g20 summit in hamburg, germany next week.

2 it will be the first time the two come face-to-face since trump took office.

2 a kremlin spokesperson said that no separate meeting between the two is planned.

2 a senior administration official told cnn this week that the russians have been pushing for a formal bilateral meeting with trump as a sign of respect between the leaders.

2 but the official said the white house is concerned about the optics of a formal sit-down at this stage 2 in just hours, president trump's travel ban will take effect after the supreme court re-instated his executive order earlier this week.

People from six mostly muslim countries will not be granted visas unless they show close family or business ties to the united states.

Weijia jiang reports from reagan national airport in arlington virginia.

2 most of president trump's travel ban goes into effect at 8pm eastern...a signature campaign promise that resonated with voters like dana kadey.

(use wj two shot for end of this track) 2 2 (sot--dana kadey--maine resident) 2 "if nothing else, it will make a psychological difference.

We're actually going to do something to prevent terrorism, and it's about time."

2 (track 2) 2 (gfx in) 2 citizens from six muslim-majority countries will not be allowed to enter the u-s for at least 90 days while the u-s reviews its immigration policies.

The trump administration calls them "terror prone" 2 (gfx out) 2 2 (sot--ardi safi--california resident--jiang mos) 2 "none of the countries on in that list were involved in terrorism in the united states, and those who were involved are not on the travel ban, like saudi arabia."

2 (track 3--vo is walking shot with safi and jiang) 2 ardi safi moved to the u-s from iran 6 years ago, leaving behind loved ones he's worried about.

2 (sot--ardi safi--california resident--jiang mos) 2 "i have a lot of friends who were supposed to come here, but their applications keep getting pushed back."

2 2 (sot--bridge--weijia jiang/cbs news/arlington va) 2 "travelers from the banned countries who have already approved visas won't be affected...and the ban includes some exceptions for new applicants."

2 (track 4) 2 (gfx in from ctm @ 07:11:53:22) 2 people with a close family member in the u-s such as a parent, spouse, child or sibling will still be allowed to travel to the u-s, but that does not include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or other extended family.

2 journalists, students, employees and lecturers with valid invitations or work contracts will also have permission.

2 (gfx out) 2 (sot--from state department briefing at 3pm) 2 weijia jiang, cbs news, arlington virginia.

2 so far, no major problems have been reported in the first day since the new guidelines were officially issued.

The middle east's biggest airline says its flights to the united states are operating normally.

2 kelsey>> 2 continuing coverage of the travel ban closer to home tonight... 2 2 what does it mean for the college of southern idaho's refugee program..?

2 kmvt sat down with a man whose family is the last group of refugees coming to twin falls before the travel ban takes full effect... 2 "my family is coming to twin falls, idaho and i'm happy.

But i don't know how i feel because four months is a long time [for some people to wait].

I don't know too many people here and this process already takes a long time."

2 coming up later tonight we speak with zeze rwasama with the refugee center to see how this could affect daily operations... 2 2 2 2 canyon ridge grad bailey henley continues to make the most of her summer before college.

2 the future utah valley university golfer just won the rocky mountain junior sectional pga event in bozeman, montana.

2 2 a 36 hole event over 2 days, she beat rival payton fehringer by 4 strokes.

2 she shot a 75 and 76, booking a trip to the 42nd girls junior pga championship in st.

Albans, missouri, from july 18th through the 21st.

2 you might remember last week she finished second to fehringer, at the big "i" junior classic in boise.

2 but both qualified for the 49th annual trusted choice big "i" national championship in august.

2 2 speaking of golf, declo's christian kidd making his future plans known of where he'll attend school.

2 2 kidd who graduated in may, signing with southern virginia university today at the rupert country club.

2 svu is a d-three school based within a faith-supportive environment for latter-day saints.

2 in fact, kidd will attend school for one year and then go on a mission.

2 the school doesn't offer athletic scholarships, but kidd received an academic one.

2 a fun fact about svu, kidd's freshman year coincides with the inaugural year of the golf program.

2 and the head coach, blair gardner went to declo high school with christian's father, kelly.

2 1:34 2 i've been taking lessons from his for years.

He called me after districts and said i've been offered the head coach job at southern virginia, i'd like you to be my first offer to be on the team.

At that point, i haven't even applied to the school.

So i jumped on it and moved pretty fast.

And so i'm super excited to be able to know somebody where it's so far from home.

2 14 2 one thing you have to understand about christian, is his life is dedicated to golf.

He struggled with consistency on the course.

Blair saw his talents, was excited to work with him when he way younger and excited to work with him now."

2 christian won the 2-a district championship his senior year.

2 the 11-time national champion csi volleyball team prepping for several camps coming up in july.

2 the team will host two all skills camps..

2 camp one, july fifth through the seventh for incoming fifth through eighth graders.

2 the camp runs each day from nine through 12:30.

2 camp two, july 10th through 12th, this is for ninth through 12th graders.

2 this runs from nine through 4:30.

2 then team camp is coming up from july 13th through the 15th, from 8:30 through 4:30 each day.

2 check our website later for pricing.

2 2 venus williams was involved in a car crash on june 9 that resulted in a fatality, according to multiple reports.

2 2 the website tmz reported that williams was found at fault, but it was unclear if she was cited.

2 williams, a winner of seven grand slam singles titles, is expected to play in her 20th wimbledon tournament in july.

2 2 kevin durant has declined to opt in for the second year of his contract with golden state and will become an unrestricted free agent, an expected move for the nba finals mvp.

2 a person with direct knowledge of the decision confirmed durant's intentions, speaking to the associated press on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement has been made.

2 2 sometimes the save lives..

Sometimes they just help a neighbor..

2 find out what these ems workers did in between calls.

2 kelsey>> 2 2 a texas ambulance crew went above the call of duty yesterday..

2 they saw a 98 year old woman struggling to mow her lawn in the june heat.

2 the paramedic and emts were between calls when they noticed a woman who appeared to be overheated..

2 after they treated her on the scene, they went ahead and finished mowing her lawn.

2 a neighbor caught the encounter on camera and says she was impressed with the sweet gesture.


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