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Monday, January 18, 2021

NEO A&M Season Opener

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NEO A&M Season Opener
NEO A&M Season Opener
NEO A&M Season Opener

We can finally say football is completely back in the fourstates.

Kansas and oklahoma high school joined missouri lastnight.

Pitt state and missouri southern kicked off their seasons on thursday.

The last to join the party was n-e-o a&m.

Norsemen hosting new mexico military institute at red robertson field.

Cordale grundy named the starting quarterback for 2017.

First drive of the game for n-e-o's offense.

And darwin thompson gets the handoff.

The jenks native reverses field, fools the defense and our camera-man.

When we finally catchup, thompson makes his way down the sideline.

Brought down just inches from the goal the very next play.

Grundy keeps it... finds an opening and scores n-e-o's first points of the season.

Norsemen hit the pat and lead 7-0.

So broncos with the ball in norseman territory.

Brandon perdue keeps it.

By the blue and gold defense stands him up.

And a stop isn't enough, aliik sezer say gimme that!

Takes the ball right from perdue's the second.

Team's flip endzones.

And grundy with a little pitch and catch.

Long ball to kobe bryer look at the in-air adjustment by the freshman.

So just at thompson set up grundy in the first.

Darwin gets his this time.

Sticks with one direction, sheds the tackler like it's nothing and it's greener pastures for six.

D-train would finish with four rushing touchdowns tonight.

Norsemen win big


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NEO Opener

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