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Friday, April 23, 2021

Host Chat - Joy, Tom, and Nancy Miller! - 9/25/17

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Host Chat - Joy, Tom, and Nancy Miller! - 9/25/17
Host Chat - Joy, Tom, and Nancy Miller! - 9/25/17
Host Chat - Joy, Tom, and Nancy Miller! - 9/25/17

[?] >> joy: hi, everybody and welcome to a special edition of "ozarks live!."

This is the restaurant show.

How are we doing?

>> guest: well.

Very well.

It's warm today.

But it feels good in here.

>> joy: it's warm today, but feels good in here.

I think it feels good outside.

>> tom: i've been waiting for this show for awhile personally, because i've heard so much.

And well, it's chicago.

That's kind of my stomping grounds.

And i know there's food there.

>> guest: there's lots and lots.

So much food.

>> joy: you may have noticed our local restaurant guru nancy miller is here.

Nancy and i had an adventure earlier in the show at the national restaurant association show.

>> guest: i've never been to the show.

I didn't know how huge it was.

Lots of local folks from different states.

Big corporations.

Lots of innovation.

It was really cool.

>> joy: you see the really, really large companies there and the smaller companies there.

And i forget how many hundreds of thousands of square feet that the mccormick center, was full.

This is the 98th nra show.

>> tom: the mccormick place is huge!

>> guest: it's the largest convention center.

>> tom: years ago i rperformed at mccormick center.

But mccormick place.

It burned down.

I played by accordion at mccormick place, which is a big deal.

And now, they make better use of it with food there.

>> joy: it's one convention after the other.

This one is for people actually in the business and journalists like me who follow people like you, who are in the business.

>> guest: oh, my gosh, yes.

>> joy: we're about to show you tons and tons of highlights from the show.

Are you ready to get hungry?

>> tom: i started that way, yes, yes!

[laughter] >> joy: i want to tell you about this show.

Again, open to professionals in the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry.

Let me give you real numbers to think on for a minute.

This industry counts for $799 billion, with a "b", in sales.

Over 1 million restaurants in the u.s. 14.7 million of us are employed by the restaurant industry.

That's 10% of the work force.

That's a lot.

All of this according to the national restaurant association.

What does that mean for you?

If you eat, cook, shop for food, this affects you.

Now, nancy went to the food for the first time, as she mentioned.

And we are going to hear what you learned later on in the show.

First, here's some of what we did.

We made it to chicago!

>> guest: we're in chicago!

>> joy: we're at the national restaurant association show.

It's my fourth visit.

It's your first.

What are you expecting?

>> guest: the equipment, the food, the robotics, all of the innovation.

Small wears, you name it, they've got it here!

I'm so excited!

>> joy: we're going to find funky things, taste delicious things and funky things.

What are we doing in the lobby?

Are you ready?

We're ready!

>> guest: we're ready!

>> joy: all right.

Here we go!


Whoo, looking good!

>> guest: we can make a lot of lemon bars with this.

Sorry, anita, it may happen!

[laughter] >> this cheese is amazing.

It's super melty.

>> we're changing the theme of the restaurant.

>> joy: how cool are those!


>> guest: having a ball, this is amazing!


>> joy: bacon, finally!

>> guest: it makes the world go wrong.

These are like silicone baking forms that you can use.

And do them in different shapes.

>> in case you want to wear them, we can make you a dress.

>> haha!

>> oh!

>> joy: ooh, shiny things.

>> shiny pointy things.

>> joy: i better back off.

>> watch out, baby.

>> joy: these are recipes.

>> you pull them up on the ipad, greek yogurt, cucumbers, and pita chips.

>> i hope my doctor doesn't see this video.

>> joy: you said your cholesterol was high.

>> it is now.

Chunky, chunky avocado.



So you're meeting these local people, that have started these companies that are making a go of it here at the show.

It's really fun to meet these people and to hear their stories.

>> joy: so how was your first day at nra?

>> wow, what an amazing experience!

Words can't describe the things that i've seen, eaten, the people i've met.


I think i can make it through tomorrow.

But i'm sure i can.

>> joy: there we are on the floor of the mccormick center trying not to be hit by a trash cart or food cart.

What, were we ten minutes in?

>> guest: yeah, we were pooped.

It was wild.

>> joy: it was a lot of fun.

>> tom: you were having too much fun.

>> joy: you don't think about shoes in the restaurant industry.

>> guest: it greatly matters.

>> joy: you slide.

You're on your feet all day.

>> guest: you've got to be comfortable.

>> tom: are you going to change it to nearly famous corral with the boots?

>> guest: i don't think so, no.

We're not doing that.

>> joy: the chef boots look very cute on you.

>> guest: with a short skirt.

>> tom: have a western night.

>> and a little daisy duke short short.

>> joy: everybody come to nearly famous tonight.

>> tom: we'll be there!

>> joy: coming up, we have more from the national restaurant show, specifically the bar show.

You'll like that.

Which is beverage and alcohol for restaurants.

Who would have thunk we'd run into a little girl from missouri?

You might rescue her from "bar rescue".

>> are you videoing or taking pictures?

>> joy: yeah.

>> what's up!

Hi, guys!

>> joy: you're from missouri.

>> we love people from missouri.

>> missouri kid, right here.

>> i love it!

I'm a huge fan of "bar rescue."

Love that show.

You're on that show.

Tell everybody your name.

>> i'm lisa marie joyce.

I work for john's consulting company.

Hospitality is our number one, all the time.

But yeah.

>> i saw his program yesterday.

>> you saw the key note.

>> yeah, it was awesome!

>> it was so good.

I don't know how the man does it.

He's working all the time.

>> yeah.

Do you enjoy your time on the show?

>> i love being on the show.

There's always those episodes where it's kind of like i never want to come back here again.

But for the most part, the look on the people's faces when you're literally changing their lives in four days is incredible.

>> yeah, i can imagine.

>> i'm very fortunate.

>> huge fan of the show.

.it's actually helped me with my restaurant in a lot of way with the science and menu placement and things like that, putting a simple box around something.

>> yes!

>> it's incredible.

I love the show.

>> that's why i got onto john's tail coat or coat tails.

Either one.

But i kind of -- he understands like how hospitality is number one.

He understands the importance of little things.

And then he made a show where every day people -- you know, you don't want to be on the show.

And he's very expensive sometimes.

But you can watch the show and see i can do that in my restaurant tomorrow and make a difference.

That's why i love hearing stories like that.

>> absolutely.

It's awesome!

I saw you, and i was like oh, my god!

And she's from missouri.

>> from missouri.

>> home town girl.

>> home town girl.

>> love it!

That's awesome!

Thank you!

>> yes, thank you so


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