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On the Beat 10/8/19 - Monroe Regional Hospital #5

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On the Beat 10/8/19 - Monroe Regional Hospital #5

On the Beat 10/8/19 - Monroe Regional Hospital #5

Troy talks to nurse Shellie Moffett about the services offered by the Monroe Regional Hospital.

Over here with nurse shellie moffett from monroe regional hospital and we're talking all about the swing bed program.

It's very interesting.

How are you, my friend?

Shellie moffett: i'm doing good.

Troy: all righty, so let's get into it.

What services does monroe regional hospital do or provide?

Shellie moffett: we are a critical access hospital.

We provide- troy: what does that mean?

Shellie moffett: it is a different kind of hospital payment base.

We're able to keep patients a little longer on our swing bed program.

It's not just quite like some of the other hospitals in the area.

Troy: okay.

Well, now you just mentioned swing bed.

What does swing bed actually mean?

And what's the process within monroe?

Shellie moffett: our swing bed program is pretty unique to the area.

Some of the other places have swing bed, but they're limited to how many days a patient can stay.

A patient sometimes will need some extra days.

It is a medicare-based program to where we can continue their rehab or their treatment over a period of time.

Troy: so what's the average time that one would be in the swing bed?

Shellie moffett: you have to have three midnight stays in acute care.

So we have our three midnight stays, and we can transition you at that time, whether it's in our facility or from other facilities, and continue their treatment, whether it's rehab to get them up and going again, or to continue their iv antibiotics because they've had an infection, or pneumonia, things of that nature.

Troy: okay.

Well, we actually had some viewers write in and ask us some questions to ask you.

So are you ready for that?

Shellie moffett: i'm ready.

Troy: all righty.

So one of our viewers wrote in and and said: "what does the multidisciplinary team consist of?

And what is that?"

Tell me that.

Shellie moffett: that is the name of ... we've put together a team.

It is monroe regionals team.

We have nursing.

Of course providers, it's myself, i've been there the longest.

I've been there since 2014.

We have a physician and other nurse practitioners as well.

But we have physical therapy to be able to get patients up and going again, pt, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for your people that are having trouble swallowing.

We have respiratory therapy.

Troy: yes.

Shellie moffett: we have, of course, our lab and our radiology.

And just, we feel like, even our housekeeping, it is so nice for just people to come in and talk with the patients sometimes.

It gets kind of lonely when you've been there for a while.

Troy: i can imagine.

I've been n hospital for a long extended period of time.

Couldn't wait to get out.

Not because of the care.

It's just that i was so bored and lonely.

Shellie moffett: that's right.

We can keep people for up to 100 days.

Troy: wow.

Shellie moffett: now, it is medicare-based.

If you have a secondary insurance, your first 20 days, medicare tends to pick that up.

And then after that, it's a little bit differe.

But it is a very good program for, especially our elderly folks.

Troy: okay.

That's what's needed for them.

What are payer sources?

Shellie moffett: our payer sources is mainly medicare and medicaid.

We also have some commercial insurances that will pay as well.

It just depends on what health plan you have.

Troy: all right.

Just remind everyone at home, just again about the swing bed, what's the process to be admitted to the swing bed program?

Shellie moffett: we have a case manager, and what you will do is call the hospital, 369-2455, and ask for the case manager who handles swing bed.

She takes in the referrals, meaning we have to make sure their insurance pays for it and they've had their three acute care days.

The physician and myself both look at it and see if we will be able to help that patient.

Troy: all right.

Well, shellie, thank you for coming in.

We don't want to keep you too much longer.

I'm sure you've got to rush back to the hospital.

Shellie moffett: yes.

Troy: we appreciate you.

If you want to find out more information about the swing bed program, it's fascinating, there it all is up on the screen for you.

Monroe regional hospital, give them a call, everyone.

As we said, no one is offering this program here in the area.

Back after this short

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