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Monday, March 1, 2021

Pumpkin patch helps families celebrate the fall

Credit: KAVU-TV Victoria, TX
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Pumpkin patch helps families celebrate the fall
Pumpkin patch helps families celebrate the fall
Pumpkin patch helps families celebrate the fall

As crossroads residents continue to fall into autumn, area businesses are catching on.

Reporter carolina astrain went to outlaw pass sunday to check out how they're welcoming the change in season.

Here at outlaw pass, fall festivities have taken over.

"so fall is typically a slower time for us her at outlaw and we just kind of wanted to introduce the fall season and get everybody's moods ready for fall, so we decided to open up a pumpkin patch for everyone."

And for these south texas residents, the opportunity to celebrate fall season is a welcomed one.

"with being in texas, it's so hot, it's nice to have this to bring out the true seasons of the year and be able to take pictures and spend time with the== family so it's nice to have communities get together and do this."

"we do feel like its fall and the colors helps a lot, the orange brings out the fall, the leaves are going to bring out the fall, definitely all this hay helps."

Leonor preistle was out at the family entertainment center's pumpkin patch sunday - celebrating her halloween birthday early.

"halloween is my birthday."

"she's a halloween baby."

And while some are loving the pumpkin fun, some are ready for the next holiday.

"there's wyatt, he's already ready for halloween."

But others are still exploring the pumpkins.

"i like them all but it's kind of weird that some of them are white, and some have little bumps on them so it's kind of werid."

In victoria, i'm carolina astrain, for your hometown news.

In new orleans, a series of explosions toppled two cranes looming precariously over the ruins of the partially collapsed hard rock hotel.

The demolition was carried out today ... a little more than a week after the hotel's upper floors collapsed onto each other.

Officials feared the cranes would come down on their own and do more damage.

By bringing down the cranes, crews hope to be able to now safely in new orleans, a series of explosions toppled two


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