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Mayors of major US cities back universal income

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Mayors of major US cities back universal income
Economist weighs in on idea

At the rochester in an effort to combat poverty and systemic racism ?

"* a growing number of major city mayors across the u?

"*s are throwing their support behind universal guaranteed income.

The idea is that residents would get a monthly cash payment with no strings attached and no work requirements.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki joins us live with more details.

Xxx yes george and katie ?

"* the idea of providing universal basic income was one of the main plank of presidential candidate andrew yang's platform when he was running.

Now mayors in 25 major u?

"*s cities are saying it's time.

Here in our area ?

"* the mayors of saint paul and madison wisconsin are part of the group known as 'mayors for a guaranteed income'.

The group is saying the coronavirus pandemic has exposed weaknesses in our economy.

The believe providing a guaranteed income would make things easier.

I spoke with economics instructor rayce hardy about such a plan.

He says if universal basic income becomes a reality ?

"* it could mean cus in other programs to pay for the massive spending.

Xxx that money isn't available for anything else.

So we're really going to have to be specific, if we do set this up, how it's set up, how it's funded, who's going to receive it, and can it be sustained?

Hardy also speculates ?

"* a program like that would have to be funded through new taxes and tax increases, which might offset the benefit of guaranteed income.

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, thank you nick.

The concept of a guaranteed income has been around for a long time.

In 1969, president richard nixon even proposed the idea in

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