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Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Night Frenzy Show October 9 Segment 2

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Friday Night Frenzy Show October 9 Segment 2
Friday Night Frenzy Show October 9 Segment 2
Week eight of the Friday Night Frenzy!

Lafayette jeff visiting logan in a battle of the best and worst team's record wise in the north central conference.

Andy the final score to this game a year ago was 63-14..

And if i remember correctly there was a running clock in the first half of that contest..

Tonight not much different..

To the berry bowl we go..

Pat shanley's group wasting no time in the first half..

Brady preston finding asa koeppen in the flat here..

Koeppen weaving and winding his way through traffic for a nice gain..

That sets up one of many broncho touchdowns on the night..

The give is to glenn patterson..

The freshman getting in on the action!!

Touchdown jeff..

The score now 22-0..

Now to the second quarter..

Preston gives it to brayden stall..

That's really easy..

Jeff is absolutely cruising..

And there's more where that came from..

Preston dropping back on a drive later in the quarter..

Asa koeppen just making plays all over the field for the jeff offense..

Another big gain leads to yet another score..

Preston finds von lerma on the crossing route..

The senior finds the endzone..

The score at the half of this game..


Jeff goes on to win really big..


Ok harrison making the drive north to my home town tonight..

The raiders visiting goshen at foreman field..

Terry peeble's team now 5-3 on the year..

They will wrap up the regular season at home against richmond..

Before their matchup with zionsville in the sectional..

Back in lafayette ..

Mccutcheon welcoming muncie central to ellison stadium ..

Homecoming for the mavericks..

First drive of the game ..

Ethan smith to josh garcia ..

A 28-yard touchdown ..

The mavs take a 7- nothing lead.

Offensive coordinator brian craig is fired up.

Ken frauhiger's defense doing its job too ..

Mccutcheon bottling up the bearcats ..

It allowed 42 points in a loss to rival harrison a week ago ..

Different story tonight ..

Max pittman is sacked by john schnerre..

Is that a smile from coach frauhiger?

Hey it is 20-20 ..

Final play of the opening quarter ..

Brad gagnon plunges in for the t-d 14-zip the score after one ..

Cool moment here ..

Mccutcheon honoring longtime bus driver gene davis ..

The 83-year-old davis bused students around for more than 60 years.

Congrats to gene ..

Second quarter ..

The mavericks offense continues to click ..

The mavs started this drive on their own 2 yard line ..

Garcia caps it off ..

A 43-yard touchdown for the senior ..

It's 21-nothing ..

Ensuing muncie central possession ..

Pittman is intercepted off by zaiden zurfas ..

Z2 the mullett man comes up with the pick six ..

All mccutcheon in this one ..

Under two minutes to go in the first half ..

Smith to garcia again ..


4's third touchdown on the night ..

Mccutcheon crushes muncie central 56-7.

The mavericks conclude the regular season at home against marion ..

From the n-c-c to the h-h-c..

And jd arland is back with another highlight!

This time from clinton central's clash with delphi..

Hey man!

Oracle nation of course looking for a win tonight... their kicker gavin gleason...looking to make history... gleason became the all time leading kicker by points, pat's and field goals tonight... the rest of his team found some success too.

There's the big man on campus!

Gavin gleason celebrating... oracles lead 37-16 at the half... cc coach georgee gilbert looking to get it going... instead it would be the three headed dragon of the roth brothers.... jordan to jaden... number 88 is good to go... delphi leads by a lot... here's gavin gleason.... solidfying the records with that extra point... it's good the oracles are rollin... bulldogs go with anthony ransford for the last ditch effort... just not working tonight.... run stop defense gives him no gain... later on in the third... jordan to little bro peyonton for the score... bring on the rolling clock... to the fourth quarter we go... oracles keep the fire burning... this one's tipped by jacob hall.... into the hands of zach munson.... game over... delphi wins 58-32... this was a sclose game in the first half... the bulldogs actually had a 2 point lead at one point... not much you can do when the roth brothers get going though... that's all i got back to you... ok clinton prairie hosting indianapolis manual tonight..

The redskins making the hour drive to a socially distant frankfort..

And right out of the gate, this was a good start for manual..

Keith horton gives it to kennith lewis.

And number 22 knows what to do from there..

He finds the sideline and turns on the jets!

The manual lead is 7-0..

Clinton prairie quickly responds..

Kade osborn finds kaden mullendore on a screen underneath..

The gophers convert on a two point conversion so it's an 8-7 lead..

Later in the game..

Osborn goes over the middle to derrick mcdonald for a score..

And the gopher lead is balooning..

Osborn one more time..

Look at this ball..

Mullendore burns the secondary!

And clinton prairie smokes manual..

49-7 homecoming at south vermillion ..

The wildcats hosting seeger... patriots take their first drive of the second half in for a score.

Khai stephen from four yards out.... next time seeger gets the ball stephen again finds the endzone.... seeger making things interesting down 18-13 and going for two... owen snedeker hits jameson sprague for the two-point conversion....seege r down 18-15... same score midway through the fourth....south vermillion running back anthonio nieves ices the game with the two yard td run... south vermillion wins 25-15, handing seeger its first wabash river conference loss of the season ..

Fountain central looking for their first win at north vermillion.... late first half....seth gayler finds isaac gayler... the freshman picks up a lot of yards after contact for a fountain central first down..... same drive.

Fountain central goes to the other side of the field.

Gayler this time to austin pickett.... pickett huge gain after the catch into north vermillion territory.

Pickett ends the drive...he takes the option toss and finds paydirt for the games first score.... fountain central wins 25-7.

That does it for the highlight portion of the show ..

Coming up ..

We'll check in with the tight end group and the purdue football program..

Two weeks till gameday here in west lafayette..

We'll be right back!


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