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Friday, February 26, 2021

Rising Case Numbers in Minnesota

Credit: KIMT
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Rising Case Numbers in Minnesota
Rising Case Numbers in Minnesota
What other factor health experts are focused on

First tonight: minnesota has consistently seen more than one?

"*thousand new cases of coronavirus per day over the last week.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson is speaking to the olmsted county public health director to get some context for these numbers.


George ?

"* while minnesota's positive cases continue to rise ?

"* olmsted county public health director graham briggs tells me he's paying closer attention to the percentage of positive cases... which is ?

"(not spiking yet in minnesot.

While it's hard to be sure why that is ?

"* he can't help but wonder if it has to do with this ?

"(points to mask?

"( the midwest is seeing devastating covid?

"*19 statistics and running out of hospital beds ?*- especially in the dakotas and wiscosin... but according to briggs ?

"* minnesota ?

"(seems be faring better.

Besides wisconsin ?

"* minnesota's neighboring states don't have a mask mandate ?

"* and wisconsin's has only been in place since i think looking at our situation right now, the fact that we haven't seen a spike in our percent positive is a good sign that maybe we're weathering this wave a little bit differently than some of the states around us are.

With that being said, we might just be late to the party too just as the state's percentage of positive cases is stagnant ?

"* right around 4 to 5 percent, the county's percentage of positive cases also isn't fluctuating much.

Live in rochester annalise johnson kimt news 3.

Thank you annalise.

There were 29 new covid?

"*19 deaths in the state today ?

"* one in olmsted county.


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