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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Day after election coverage

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Day after election coverage
Day after election coverage
Day after election coverage

Kimt news 3 at six./// coming up tonight at 6 ?

"* thee will be four new faces on the rochester city council next year ?

"* hear from a current member regarding what he's anticipating at city hall./// there's lawsuits popping up in battleground states across the nation ?

"* i'm kimt news threes annalise johnson with a legal perspective on this contested election./// i'm tracking the return of northwestern winds and what they will do to our our recent warm spell.

Will we be getting cooler anytime soon?

I've got the answer./// thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 at six.

I'm katie lange.

And i'm george mallet.

First tonight: election?

"* related lawsuits are popping up all over the country over counting ballots... especially in battleground states where margins are thin.

Just this afternoon ?

"* president trump's campaign says it filed a lawsuit to halt the vote count in michigan.

Kimt news 3's some legal perspective on this proceeding.


Katie ?

"* george ?

"* i'm here the olmsted county government center.

I spoke to county attorney mark ostrem on what these lawsuits mean ?

"* what we may be able to expect ?

"* and what it means for minnesota.

Attorney ostrem says these lawsuits are messy ?

"* and need to happen quickly.

He explains ballot counting in minnesota went rather smoothly and was timely ?

"* but in these states taking a longer time ?

"* it opens doors for people to question ?


"( it's takin longer.

Ostrem tells me these legal actions freeze the situation so someone can take a look to see if the process can continue ?

"* or needs to be changed.

In minnesota, i really don't think we're gonna see serious problems. some of the other states where they're taking such a long time to count their absentee ballots, that may be a little bit of a different story in some of those jurisdictions depending on their local rules as far as receiving them and things like that we told you here on kimt news 3 ?

"* olmsted county was sued in july by the minnesota voters alliance ?

"* challenging the abenstee ballot review board.

That was resolved within about 30 days ?

"* which ostrem says is quick in judicial speeds.

But to ostrem's knowledge ?

"* there ae no legal battles in the county or state over ballot counting.

Live in rochester annalise johnson thank you annalise.

Republicans are keeping their legal options open to challenge absentee ballots in pennsylvania, if the battleground state could swing president trump's reelection.

Let's take a look at the latest numbers in the presidential race as we wait for the final call ?

"* we can see that according to the latest numbers from the associated press ?

"* former vie president joe biden is leading in the electoral college count.

President trump has 214 electoral college votes.

Joe biden has 264.

It takes 270 to win.

We'll keep you updated on the latest numbers for the race to the white house./// kimt news 3 has complete coverage of the 20?

"*20 election result.

You can find the latest on all the local, state and federal races impacting you.

It's all on kimt dot com and on you'll be seeing four fresh faces on the rochester city council beginning next year..

Nick campion?



"* who r this reporter?


"* ?


" for reelection yesterday.

He thanks his departing colleagues for their dedication during their terms ?

"* and gives credit to the newly elected members for offering their service to the city during such a difficult time in history.

He suggests finding some common ground will be a good place for the council to start in 2021.

Thats always the easiest way to get started, is finding the projects we generally have an agreement on, just reading all the profiles, there's a lot of agreement on coming on and doing right by our parks system, so im really kind of anticipating thats a good place for us to get focused and get started soon ?

"* the newly elected city council members will tour all of the city departments and get to know the ins and outs of being a council member ?

"* before taking let's take a live look now over highway 52 in rochester.

It was a beautiful day here in rochester ?

"* let's hope the warm temps stick around.

Kimt storm team 3 meteorologist sara knox joins us now.

Sara ?*- what are you tracking?

Xxx tonight: few clouds lows: low 40s winds: w 5?

"*10 mph thursday: sunny skies highs: near 70 winds: wnw 5?

"*10 mph thursday night: clear skies lows: mid 40s winds: sw 3?

"* 6 mph a rochester pizzeria will be closed through at least the rest of this week after a car plowed into its lobby today.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon is live in front of little caeser's in rochester with details on the incident.


Katie... george... this story really begins here at the drive thru window of little caeser's.

I'm being told earlier this morning... an elderly man ordered a pizza here... and was asked to drive around to the front of the building as employees prepared his meal.

But when that man attempted to park... he accidentally hit the gas instead of his brakes and accelerated into the front of the shop... whch as you can see here... is now boarded up.

But take a look at the damage it caused.

The impact left glass and debris scattered around the building... and damaged part of its exterior wall.

Nathan aaland... who is a co?

"* owner of little caesers rochester... tells me he even found a dislodged tile about 100 feet away from the building.

While this may have left managers with quite the clean?

"*up... aaland says he's just glad no?

"*one was hurt in the "no injuries, all i got was a little knick on my finger when i jumped out of the way of the pop machine, but it was rude awakening."

And you can tell by that chuckle at the end aaland is putting a good face on this.

He says he understands this was an accident... and adds he's lucky to have such great weather on a day when he's getting a bigger taste of the outdoors than usual.

Live in rochester... anthony monzon... thanks anthony.

Aaland says he's now working to make repairs... and have the necessary inspections performed to make sure everything is safe for customers once they re?

"* open.

Well now that the election is over ?

"* what happens to all those campaign signs?

One police department has an idea./// plus ?

"* technical troubles in mower county.

A look at how it's slowing down how they're counting ballots ?

"* we're talking to the county


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