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Monday, March 1, 2021

BCSO shares tips on staying safe while holiday shopping

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BCSO shares tips on staying safe while holiday shopping
BCSO shares tips on staying safe while holiday shopping

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— Shoppers were out and about Friday morning, getting the best deals Black Friday had to offer.

Event... before this morning's violence.

You are encouraged to pull up in your car ... practice social distance and pray for peace.

Black friday usually signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season, but according to bibb county sheriff's office the criminal element starts shopping too.

41 nbc's ariel schiller tells us how shoppers can keep themselves from becoming victims of theft.

Off top :27-:36 :39-:47 :59-1:06 reporter 1:24-1:31 whether you wanted to save hundreds of dollars on a treadmill, or a few dollars on workout clothes, there were plenty of deals on black friday.

I spoke with shoppers about what they were buying: i'm out here shopping for my grandbabies getting into the christmas spirit.

Butted i'm looking to see if i can get a deal on a sweat suit.

Where they were planning to go next: i'll be going to dick's and then after that i'll go to the new mall.

Butted most of what i'm getting for the holidays will be money and mail because of the virus so i'm about done shopping.

And what deals they've gotten so far: i'm not going to tell what i've gotten them because santa claus will get in trouble but i've got them stuff at walmart and i've gone to best buy and gotten some electronics butted i got some movies, a pair of sneakers, okay and then i got some cornflakes.

And the bibb county sheriffs office wants to make sure those items you buy -- are safe.

The criminal element starts shopping as well we can say.

They'll break into houses, they'll shoplift things like that so we will see an increase in theft.

Captain brad wolfe says when you're out shopping, make sure to be in tune with your intuition.

Everyone has that sixth sense so if it doesn't seem right it's probably not right.

If you're approaching a situation or a store and you get that creepy feeling come back later.

Reporter on cam c1 3 b13 the bibb county sheriffs office says you should shop in pairs, keep items


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