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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 3

Credit: KDRV
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Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 3
Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 3

Another Friday filled with football as southern Oregon teams met on the gridiron in the third week of Spring football action.

So grab your snacks, grab your beverage.

Let's talk football.

Its the blitz and it goes right now.

"uh oh.

Highlights starting at the kickoff tee you know that means this is going to the house.

This is sly little reverse from colby anderson and cole brosterhous is running to the house with it.

The camera got faked out.

Brosterhous goes all the way on the opening kick off.

If this does not win you may not see me in the show next week.

I may just retire."

Josh welcome into the friday night blitz for week three of high school.

I am josh shelton, and based on what we heard... sounds like cameron is eating his words.

A little foreshadowing for later on.

I do know he was around at some point today... josh because he was behind the camera at crater and north medford.

Dutch meyer stadium.

5a state runner up vs the 6a old school rival.

=== 1st quarter, neron throwing on 2nd 15.

This one gets underthrown and trevor jaasko picks it off.

That sets up crater already up 3-0.

=== four plays later, more jaasko.

Foot in the ground he takes off and powers through bryce dyer.

Touchdown and crater is up 11-0 after getting a two point conversion.

=== but in case you forgot what his name is, here is one for insurance.

Jaasko puts crater up 18-0.

=== but crater gets banged up in the game and north medford storms back late.

The tornado wins 25-18.

Josh okay cameron, as much as we appreciate you living up to your word we would really love it if you came back.

Cam you guys mean that?

Look, technically i did retire for a full highlight.

I would like to announce that i am coming out of retirement because i can't get enough of the blitz.

But i kept my word!

Josh you did!

So i am sure some people have picked up at home that cole brosterhous and colby anderson did not win play of the week.

But one of the other three did, but you will have to stick around if you want to hear who won.

Cam i had a lot of faith in that play.

I really did.

I put my career on the line for a high school football play.

That shows you how much we love it.

But how about we get back to what you love!

Cam let's go to spiegelberg.

South medford taking on eagle point.

Some of the drumline is back playing techno for the panthers.

=== south medford up 13 nothing in the 3rd and willing to pound the rock up the middle.

Carson joe with the hb draw right through the line.

He eats up some yards.

Josh === that sets up andrew walker to do the same thing.

Right up the middle.

But walker gets 6 points along with it.

South medford goes up 20-0.

=== before every game the panthers yell "aint no party like a south side party cause a south side party don't stop."

Here is your proof.

South can crank up the volume on techno.

Carson joe wants some of that chicken, the ketucky fried kind.

Touchdown and south goes up 27-0.

South would go on to win the thing 34-7.

South improves to 2-1.

The eagles fall to 1-2.

Josh grants pass at roseburg.

Some 6a action.

=== its far too early for a hook and latter but that doesnt stop the indians.

=== but then hunter gonzalez gets hot for the cavemen.

He's using legs to get grants pass set up in scoring position.

=== then its jayden brown, no relation to u-p-s.

But brown can do 6 points for you.

Grants pass thumps roseburg.

45-6 the final score.

Cavemen to 2-1.

Josh some more good battles to start off the blitz.

Cameron, you have actually seen all three 6a teams play in person now this year.

Any big takeaways from the night?

Cam well i think what is clear and obvious is that north medford and grants pass are both really good.

Both teams are big, disciplined, and the really well coached.

The fact that their game came down to the last seconds tells you everything.

Cam but my really big takeway from tonight, is that crater has had two big leads on two 6a schools, and missed those opportunities.

To win.

Josh tonight it is worth mentioning that crater got really banged up in the 2nd half.

Trever jaasko went out with a knee injury.

Brady eaton was taken to a hospital for a possible back injury.

We still don't have word on how hes doing.

Cam josh those kids work really hard.

Tonight, trevor jaasko was having a monster game.

We really hope they are okay.

Josh while we did get some good games today-- we missed out on a great one.

Hidden valley and mazama were set to play today before covid safety protocols shut down the mustangs football program for two weeks.

Yeah, this was the one we had circled at the beginning of the week as the game to watch.

Too bad we won't get that this week... cam we did get one game over in the basin-- phoenix taking on klamath union.

Second quarter- phoenix up 3-0.

Silas dutra looks like he's gonna pass but then he keeps it.

He dances around defenders before spinning around another three more.

Dutra ends the run with a touchdown just off screen.

===== josh thanks to our friends over at my basin dot com for helping us out with the coverage.

And watch as ryan watts throws this one over the pelicans pass coverage... and justin wilcox houses it.

First pirates touchdown of the season and it makes it a 14 to 9 game with just over 6 to play.

===== cam but the pelicans are gonna put this one away late.

Hand off goes to nathan gettman and he gets going.

A 37-yard run... is the dagger klamath union needed.

They win 20 to 9 at home.

Josh senior night for cascade christian as they played host to douglas.

Late in the second quarter, douglas goes with some trickery.

Jet sweep to a pass but it's picked off by cascade christian.

Matt mcpheeters runs around for a bit before he's brought down.

===== a few plays later... with 17 seconds to play, sam martin rolls to his left.

Throws on the run and will pierson hauls it in at the goalline as time expires.

The challengers head to the locker room with a 46 to 0 lead... absolute domination.

===== cam second half-- second stringers come in for cascade christian... but they make some first string plays.

Keith reed airs one out to kristofer fralich.

He snags it and makes the big catch.

Freshmen flex.

Cascade christian rolls.

54 to 8 the final score.

Over at phoenix high school-- st.

Mary's and brookings-harbor played at a neutral site.


Mary's ball near the goal line-- handoff goes to will heycke.

He hits a wall of defenders but keeps fighting-- eventually falling into the end zone to open up the scoring.

6-0 crusaders.

===== brookings-harbor looking to respond.

They get the ball deep in their own territory.

Q-b keeper but eligh newell losses the ball and st.

Mary's jumps on it.

===== field flips in the second quarter-- crusaders threatening to score but eli haynes pass is tipped in the air and jo'moria beasley comes down with it.

Bruins aren't able to get anything out of it though.

===== crusaders back in the redzone, this time they keep it


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