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Friday, October 15, 2021

Nikki Fried wants state to bring back daily COVID-19 data

Credit: WPTV News | West Palm Beach
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Nikki Fried wants state to bring back daily COVID-19 data
Nikki Fried wants state to bring back daily COVID-19 data

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried wants the state to bring back its daily COVID-19 data amid a record-surge in cases.

I'm gonna be giving a coviare our latest numbers tha683 new daily covid 19 casthe weekend.

The highest pstate of florida.

It is 21wide long lines of testingincreases so numbers are lworse.

That that have beenDaily Hospital admissions.ever in this COVID pandemithe weekend.

Miami dade analso the highest level of66 of 67 of our counties ahigh levels of community tCounty is listed as havingof community transmission.fully vaccinated people weindoor settings and substaareas, which unfortunatelyof florida.

Last week we ain vaccine emissions from288,000 the week before.

WFloridians now fully beingis the hope that more andto this message and goingHowever, It is 230 on Mondof today as of right the supdated numbers from the ffrom monday Governor, DepaWhat are you waiting for?to issue an emergency ordeour state need this informbe going back to daily repwe live in the state of flhurricane is coming and weto evacuate, but we don'tzones are.

We don't know eor severity of it.

That wein the dark.

That is exactright now.

Which is why dagive as much information tknow how to beat this.

Wefront of this to slow downpleading with Floridians wthe vaccine.

Go out today,If you know people that hain your community and yourhome, have those real convthe numbers are starting twith our under 18 not onlypositive, but also endingWe're hearing reports allFlorida.

Their hospital bethey're sending patients aof critical health care.

Win front of this.

Go get tsocially distancing when yto do so go back to makingyour hands and make this fPut different cartoon chargo get their favorite Pokereal conversations with yoimportant it is to be maskI'm asking our governor tostate of emergency.

So ourusing federal dollars.

Andin the floor Department ofgiving daily reporting numMonday.

We have nothing reAnd the governor should bepromoting vaccines going athese real conversations wpromoting vaccines going athat their numbers are thrin our rural communities,of our local governments aboards who are just tryingpeople.

We know that we golast year and were able tobusinesses stepped up to tthe citizens of our state.governments and our localthe same again today.

Andof our corporate partnershave been stepping up askiplaced when you're walkingSo again, I applaud.

Our lare school boards and corpstepping up get vaccinatedno lines for vaccinations.accessible.

Talk to your dthat you know exactly wherand go get it done.

This ilives.

We can save.

Our heis going to ultimately savthis point we'll take quesof the we get them from thare in constant communicatC.

As well as the White Hoof the 19 task force.

Butall of those numbers comeof Health.

And so that isto rely on that informatioC.

And so until which timeHealth releases their numb

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