Zoom To Pay $85 Million in Privacy 'Zoom- Bombing' Lawsuit
Zoom To Pay $85 Million in Privacy 'Zoom- Bombing' Lawsuit

Zoom To Pay $85 Million, in Privacy 'Zoom- Bombing' Lawsuit.

The class action lawsuit was settled on July 31.

It claimed that Zoom was in violation of user's privacy rights ... .

... by allowing hackers to interrupt all kinds of meetings during the pandemic.

As the use of Zoom exploded during lockdown measures instituted all over the world, .

Instances of hackers breaking into Zoom meetings was so common that the events became known as "Zoombombing.".

The lawsuit also holds Zoom responsible for sharing user's private data with other tech companies, .

Including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

As stipulated in the settlement, subscriber plaintiffs will receive the greater of either a 15 percent refund or $25.

In addition to the monetary settlement, Zoom must also improve its security.

Though Zoom has settled for upwards of $85 million, the company maintains that it is guilty of no wrongdoing.

The privacy and security of our users are top priorities for Zoom, and we take seriously the trust our users place in us, Zoom, Statement, via Reuters.

The number of Zoom users as of April 2021 increased by 600 percent from early 2020.

The company took in nearly $1.3 billion in user subscriptions in the past months