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Annalsie gets arrested

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Annalsie gets arrested
Our reporter is getting locked up!

It's not every day you get to see a reporter in the lock up... but kimt news 3's annalise johnson got cuffed today á she joins us live now á annalise á what did you do to end up in the slammer?

George á drunk driving arrests in minnesota are up compared to last year.

And starting tomorrow á law enforcement across the state are working overtime to crack down on drunk drivers on roads like highway 52 in rochester.

I got to experience just one of the consequences of driving impaired... going to jail.

Take a look.xxx "lets turn right this way, we're gonna go towards this door."

Minnesota state patrol sgt christianson arrested me for drunk driving... and is taking me to the dakota county jail.

"have you been in an accident in the last 24 hours?


This is what would happen to you if you failed your preliminary breathalyzer and field sobriety tests.

Nat: key sgt christian gives me time to call an attorney.

"you've been arrested for dwi i believe you've been drinking and driving."

Next á a breathalyzer test.

"i'll have you take a seat against the wall again."

This one can be used as court evidence.

"blow into this as hard as you can and don't stop until i tell you" "i'm responsible for pat searching you and changing you out."

Sgt oppong began the booking process and put me into holding.

Nat: key where i could sit for a few minutes á or a few hours.

Next á some electronic paperwork for me to sign.

"im ready.

You ready for her?"

Nat: shutter "johnson.

First name?


And then booking photos and fingerprinting "twist it this way" submitted directly to the bureau of criminal apprehension.

"newly arrival inmates."

Sgt oppong gives me a green and white jumpsuit á because i'm a new arrival.

Security cameras make sure people dressed in the right colors are going to the right places.

Now i carry some supplies to my cell... "i'll go ahead and search your stuff."

But first á sgt oppong makes sure i didn't hide any contraband.

"from here she'll be going to 8117."

The dakota county jail doesn't house women... so this is where you'd get locked up if you are a man.

"9:30 10 o clock you'll lock down and you'll lock down all night until the next morning.


Nat: door slam.

This cell á with other inmates á is where you could stay for possibly more than 48 hours if arrested on a weekend.

It's one of the many consequences you could face for making the choice to drink and drive.

In addition to waiting in jail until your court date á you can expect to lose your license.

And of course á one of the most serious consequences you can face when driving drunk á is killing yourself or someone else.

Live in rochester annalise johnson kimt news 3./// thank you annalise.

Minnesota law enforcement is working extra dwi enforcement shifts until september 2nd./// still ahead on kimt news 3 at six... kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki

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