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Marathon Champion Answers Running Questions From Twitter

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Marathon Champion Answers Running Questions From Twitter

Marathon Champion Answers Running Questions From Twitter

Long-distance runner Des Linden uses the power of Twitter to answer common questions about marathon running.

How many hours of sleep do you need to recover from a marathon?

What's the best music to listen to while running?

How many pairs of shoes does a professional runner go through when training for a marathon?

- Hi, this is Des Linden.I'll be answering yourquestions from Twitter.This is "Marathon Support."[upbeat music]@jeremyashley asks, "Lookslike I accidentally goofed up"my marathon training schedule."I'm off by a week."When is a good time to skip ahead?"My advice would be to stay the course.Don't jump ahead.Don't try to make up any fitness.When you get to the end,you'll just be a little bitfresher instead of overcooked.- Doctor David Warriner asks,"Question marathon runners."How do you stay hydratedduring a long training run?"Take a bottle with you?"Visit a shop?"Short loops via home?"Don't drink or question question?"I usually hire a friend to follow my routeand hand me bottles along the way.I like to practice at paceand just train my gutto take that fluid in while I'm running.I know that's kind ofimprobable for a lot of peopleso if you get up earlyand map your loop outand drop off some bottles along the way,tuck them in the weedsor hide them off on the side of the roadso that you can grab themas you go, that's a good tipbut whatever you do,there's a lot of options.Definitely drink and practicethat in your training.Don't go to the lastoption of don't drink.Mel eats and runs asks,"Any tips for half marathonspecific speedwork?"Shooting for a pb."Yeah, I think if you're already doinga schedule and you havetempos and speedwork built in,stay the course and just keepslowly dialing down your paces.If you're just doing regular casual runs,a really great thing to add inis some strides at the endof the run as you finish up.Do a few of those boutsand that'll add some speed to the legsand just leaves you finishingfeeling fresh and [email protected] asks, "Professionalrunners, I'm curious."How many pair of shoes do you go through"in training for a marathon?"Thanks."I have cushion trainersthat I use on regular runs.In marathon training,I like a lighter shoe.Speed workouts or anykind of race pace effort,I use a racing flat and then on race day,I like a fresh pair of racing flats.So I would say between four to sixwith some good variety in [email protected] says,"Hey Runners, what isbetter for after a long run,"a protein shake for muscle recovery"or a sports drink for rehydration"electrolyte balance or both?"Leave reason why in the comments."Cheers."Cheers, man.I would go with the protein shakewithin the first 30 to 40 minutes.You need to get thanin the body right awayto just help repair themuscles that you've broken downthroughout a big long effort.Hopefully, you've hydrated on the runand so that's pretty welltaken care of as you wentbut also, hydrate throughout the day too.But for recovery and reallyrepairing the muscles,go with protein first.All right.Elly asks, "On a scale of one to 10,"how stupid is it to run a half marathon"that you signed up for"when on a runner's high two months ago"and have not practiced for since?"Asking for a friend," she says.It's not a bad idea atall to go out and do it.Actually, you can go out and cover 13.1.You just need to adjust your expectations,maybe temper your goals a little bit.Don't go out and try to set a pr.That would be a 10 stupid.It's not gonna show up ifyou haven't put the work inso if you wanna go andhave a fun experience,it's a great time to do it buttemper back the [email protected] asks,"What do you recommendto eat before the race?"I'm confused of what to wear too."My first marathon ever."For me it's super simple.Bland food is always kind of the best.You want food for function not for funand as far as what to wear,I highly recommend checking the weather'cause that will make a huge difference.If you're getting ready for this fall'sNew York City marathon,plan if there's gonna be rain,you want a shell for when you're outwaiting to start the raceand then obviously, you know,comfortable running shortsand a nice light singletare kind of a go toif temperatures are nice.Spartacus11Run asks,"Are running energy gels necessary"for half and full marathons?"I'm caffeine intolerant due to migraines"so I avoid all caffeine."What would my alternativebe for long races?"Good question.I think you can takegels without caffeine.There's a lot of optionsout there with and withoutbut I do think having some type of fuelon the run's necessaryfor the longer races.You definitely wanna be fueling the bodyso you don't run out ofglycogen late in the race.It's commonly referred to as the bonkand I can attest to thatbeing no fun at all.And another option isalways the hydration fluids.Find out what's on thecourse where you're racingand maybe practice withthat so you can get your gutadjusted to how that flavor andtaste is gonna work for [email protected] asks, "Distance runners,"any thoughts on barefootminimalist running?"For me, with the amount of work I put in,you traditionally wanna havesome cushion under your feet.You can rotate in somebarefoot minimalist stufflike strides after a runbarefoot, super nice.Maybe a couple hundred meter bouts,but really I think we have all thesereally great running shoesout there for a reason,and so I'm a big fan ofjust going with great shoes.All right, Megs asks,"Bit slower, who knows."Is stamina long distancerunning an ability you inherit"or can I train my body to be better?"We can all train our bodies to be betterat long distance running.Most people don't walk out the doorand cover long distances.It's something you build up to.It's one of the great sports thatwe all find it verydifficult at the beginning.Just have to put in a little bit of [email protected]_whitaker asks,"How many hours of sleep"do you need to recover from a marathon?"10 to 11 a night just ain't cutting it."Wow, I am impressed thatyou're getting that much in.It takes a while torecover from a marathonand it's not just sleep.I'll take two weeks norunning and just kind offorget that I did the marathonand, you know, it's resting,but also going out and having some fun.Oftentimes runners can comeback with low ferritin or iron.If those stores are low in your body,you can feel really fatigued.You would just look into some supplementsor eating a little bit morered meat or iron in your diet.Spinach is a great source as well.So just adding that in might make a littleimprovement in your energy levels.Kortney Bratton asks,"What do people actually do"to pass the time whenthey run long distance."I feel like music can only go so far"and I'd be sick of my own thoughts"after about a half mile."Man, you need to mix itup with some friends,some training partners would be fantastic.Books on tape, maybe a podcast.But really enjoy being outside.I think that's one of the reallygreat things about running.I love working through my own problems,thinking about nothing,thinking about everything.Start with a podcast maybe.Emily Riter, "Can someoneteach me how to get"this so-called runner's high?"I'm pretty stuck in the runner'sI want to die territory."That's relatable.I think we all hear themyth of the runner's highbut it's a really hard place to get to.It takes probably 25, 30 daysto get in a really great routine.The hardest thing for runners is patiencebut the number one tipfor runners is be patient.I Am CatK asks, "Recommendationsfor running music?"Half marathon training is going strong"but getting bored of my playlists."I think the obviousanswer here is Jock Jams.What else would you listento that will hype you upfor an entire run.Avi Das asks, "@des_linden,what are your favorite exercises"for injury prevention?"In terms of just general strength,I think pushups aregreat, sit-ups, planks,squats are fantastic to throw in.Just basic, general bodystrength things that you can doso I would recommend all of those."Running friends, do youuse no-tie running laces?"I'm fine with tying my shoes.I do the double loop and swoopand then you tuck the laces away, so.TW asks, "So then runners,how often do you foam roll?"That's a good question.I think that that's areally great thing to usebefore and after a run.You can do it twice a dayand if you feel anyniggling injuries coming on,foam rollers are afantastic place to start.Also love the Theragun does a little bitof the same type of thing.It's just a little easier to work.Tim G asks, "Got hamstringcramp at 16.5 miles today,"same leg as MK marathon."How can I reduce thechance of that in New York?"Yeah, cramping is the worst.I think staying on top of,you know, stretching outand loosening up beforehand.Consider a massage justto make sure the musclesare nice and loose butmostly it comes downto hydration and electrolytes.Hydration's key [email protected] asks,"If you didn't putVaseline on your nipples,"did you really go running?"Yes.I can attest.H asks, "I have a question for runners."When you're racing for hoursdoing a marathon or something,"do you ever need to pee?"Do they put toilets outalong the route or...?"We do have a lot of time out thereand I think we might run into that problembut there are toilets along the routeso that's always helpful to [email protected] asks,"Terrible run this morning."How do people deal with anegative mindset when running?"I think it might be myroute possibly boring me?"Mix things up!Try getting a training partner,do your loop backwards,drive somewhere and try somenew routes, that's always fun.I think obvious answerhere is it a great timeto go buy a puppy 'causedogs love to run tooand then you'll have adog to take with you."If you take up long distance running,"surely you can eat like a pig?"Asking for a friend."[laughs] That's a myth.I wish it were true andsometimes we pretend it's truebut really, eh,if you're putting theright things in, go for it.All right, Toria asks,"If I can't manage a mileon the running machine"then how am I gonna do ahalf marathon on a road?"You have to start somewhere.I think, no one is bornready to run a half marathon.We all learn and trainand so start with one mileon the running machineand then eventually dotwo and keep adding.It's gonna take a while to get therebut that's why it's so rewarding.There's so much to learn about runningand I really appreciateall the great questionsthat you guys sent in.Thank you for asking.

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