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Thursday, July 29, 2021

PKG: no knock search warrant limits passes leg

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG: no knock search warrant limits passes leg
PKG: no knock search warrant limits passes leg
PKG: no knock search warrant limits passes leg

General assembly session...a bill limiting no-knock search warrants got final approval.

The bill's in response to the botched raid in louisville last year that ended with breonna taylor's death.

As abc 36's monica harkins reports... it received bi-partisian support despite...some democrats saying this bill still isn't enough.

"nat sound of 911 call-- "9-1-1 operator harris what's your emergency?"

"i don't know what' happening somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend."

It's phone calls like the one...from the night louisville metro police shot and killed breonna taylor in a botched raid...state legislatures are trying to keep from happening again.


Reggie thomas lex: "kentucky had to act."

Despite tuesday being the last day of the session...act it did.

Senate bill four wouldn't abolish no-knock warrants it would instead create new limitations and regulations.

It would require no-knock warrants to only be used for violent would put time limits on the warrant so one couldn't happen in the dead of in taylor's case...and it would require body cameras be worn...and on...during the search warrant.

Kentucky democrats on the house floor voicing these changes aren't enough "rep.

Kelly flood, d lexington: i want more.

I want more justice for breonna taylor's mom," also on the house floor...a brief discussion about respect for police officers and how police were treated during black lives matter protests... "rep.

Chris fugate chavies: i have a hard time listening on this house floor people demeaning or downgrading police."

Representative chris fugate...former state trooper and current pastor went on to say society is broken and has been ever since god was taken out of schools and people need more of god in their lives.

This getting a firey rebuttal from louisville representative pamela stevenson.


Pamela stevenson: well let me tell you this, things were bad in this country for black folk long before 1962.

You can't tell me that we had a good life.

And yes i'm upset...i have to teach my son how to drive while black..and you want to tell me about putting god back in school, well put christ back in christians."

Both sides in the house did in the end agree this is the best that can be done right now... and in the senate it had unanimous support.

Now it heads to the governor's desk.

"nat pop passing" in frankfort, monica harkins abc 36 news.

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